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The Tinder Superlike Explained

It should be called the ‘Doom” button instead.

Tinder’s superlike feature is supposed to make you stand out to others. You use your daily superlike for a special someone and they’ll see it eventually. Is it beneficial though? Absolutely not.

The superlike is embarrassing for no reason. It comes off as a sign of desperation. It never guarantees a match on Tinder, so it’s more of a “Wow, you’re super hot” swipe. The superlike never appears to be on your side. Sometimes you swipe right in a weird angle, and now you superliked some dude that was in your highschool calculus class. It’s not the end of the world, but now when they swipe through on Tinder, they can see a big blue star next to your name.

Tinder pressures you to use your superlike. When you swipe right on someone it says something like, “This person is a popular user. Do you want to use your superlike to increase your chances?” Like okay Tinder, thank you for telling me that person is too hot for me. The dude is literally just holding a fish, it doesn’t mean anything.

Have I used the forbidden superlike button? Yes, for Tinder research purposes. I use it for people I generally know, so it can be an ironic match. Also, I have used it on someone attractive and the conversation on Tinder didn’t go anywhere. Just because people look really good doesn’t mean they have an exciting personality.

The superlike can be flattering, sure. Shoutout to the three people that ever superliked me. It can be on purpose or by accident, it doesn’t matter. I appreciate you greatly.

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