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The Tea, on Tea...

What your favorite tea says about you.

You are what you drink. For many, that is tea. You may not know it but the different essences of this herbal beverage actually reveal the flavors of your soul. Below is the tea, about what your favorite tea, spills about your identi-TEA. (I promise the tea puns are limited...)


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Green Tea: Healthy

For you, health is wealth. However, you know that genuine health extends beyond hitting the gym. As much as you focus on your body's wellbeing, you also tend to your mind and soul. Through mindfulness, mediation, and relaxation, you create a balance of health in your life. Just like green tea, which is filled with antioxidants, you tend to stay away from toxic people and situations. Whether you’re off to yoga or remembering your reusable grocery bags, your holistic lifestyle inspires those around you to buy a yoga mat, download the Calm app, and start a zen garden.


Chai Tea: Sassy

Sugar, spice, and everything... Sassy. Just like your favorite tea, you got a little kick to ya. However, this spice and spunk are essential to your complex character. Occasionally your feisty attitude can get you in trouble. But in the end, this fierceness is the greatest thing about you. You’re never afraid to speak your mind or stand up for those who can’t. Despite your boldness, undertones of sweetness make you a loyal and caring friend. After witnessing your best friend’s ugly breakup, you’re the first to buy them some Ben and Jerry’s or offer to pop their ex’s tires.


Hibiscus Tea: Fun

You’re everyone’s favorite cup of tea! It’s always refreshing and exciting to be in your presence. When you see an old acquaintance in the grocery store, you never get anxious and sprint to the checkout. The social scene is your spotlight. No matter where you go, you’re the life of the par-tea.


Chamomile Tea: Chill

Ahhh yes, chamomile tea. Similarly to this soothing drink, you’re most likely laid back and reliable. Your happy personality functions au naturel; no caffeine necessary. Because of your easygoing attitude, friends find you the perfect remedy to a stressful day. The calming aura you exude makes you a walking chill pill. Unlike most of the population, melatonin is never on your nightstand. The only thing only you need to catch some Zs is a warm cup of chamomile tea.


Black Tea: Energetic

Both you and your favorite cup of tea are full of energy! You most likely live a busy life that relies on caffeine. However, you still care about your health. Rather than picking up a Bang Energy or Redbull, you choose a natural way to start your busy day. Although you’re on the go, you go with the flow. Once and a while a meeting or assignment may slip your mind. But you’ve got the coping skills to deal with it because you a boss ass bitch.


Bubble Tea: East Coast Basic

Tea mayyy not be your cup of tea. But REGARDLESS, you still have to keep up with the trends... With a bubble tea in one hand and Louis Vuitton in the other, you enter every room with confidence. And when you want something you’re not afraid to go after it. Although your style can be described as basic, you’re not afraid to paint your Air Force 1s. You may be basic, but you’re definitely a boss.


Matcha Tea: West Coast Basic

Although your style might copy Addison Rae or Bryce Hall, you’re still hip and trendy. Your cool personality makes everyone want to be your best friend. Because you’re with the times, you may embrace a gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO lifestyle. Thankfully matcha tea fits perfectly into your diet. After hitting up your fave matcha spot, you’re ready to make your next dancing TikTok. Despite being basic, you embrace it!


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White Tea: Classy

You are what you drink, and that is class. White tea is one of the most delicate, fresh, and refined teas out there, just like you! Elegance and grace are innate to your aura. Your sophisticated self doesn’t need a complicated Starbucks to show the world you’re adulting. Your time is too precious to be wasted in a drive-thru line.

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