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The Tea, on Tea...

What your favorite tea says about you.

You are what you drink. For many, that is tea. You may not know it but the different essences of this herbal beverage actually reveal the flavors of your soul. Below is the tea, about what your favorite tea, spills about your identi-TEA. (I promise the tea puns are limited...)


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Green Tea: Healthy

For you, health is wealth. However, you know that genuine health extends beyond hitting the gym. As much as you focus on your body's wellbeing, you also tend to your mind and soul. Through mindfulness, mediation, and relaxation, you create a balance of health in your life. Just like green tea, which is filled with antioxidants, you tend to stay away from toxic people and situations. Whether you’re off to yoga or remembering your reusable grocery bags, your holistic lifestyle inspires those around you to buy a yoga mat, download the Calm app, and start a zen garden.