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The Pros and Cons of Online Classes

Unfortunately some of us have had to move to the online format of college, but rest assured, it’s not all bad!

Source: Unsplash

When it comes to taking online classes there are some pros, and even some cons. Same goes with taking classes in person. Maybe you are debating whether to go to campus next semester. Maybe you have no option but to stay online or in person. Regardless of the reason, this list can help make that decision easy for you. Keep reading for a short list detailing it all.


  • You don’t have to get up early. There’s no commute meaning you can stay at your house!

  • You can be on time. No traffic will stop you for this class. Easy attendance grade as long as you log on.

  • You don’t need to leave your bed. Classes at home = a whole day of lounging.

  • No outfit planning! Picking out my outfit stresses me out, even though I end up with a hoodie LOL. This way, there’s no need to even have on pants. Throw on a shirt and you’re good.

  • Save money. This is a HUGE pro. Staying home means you don’t have to pay for room & board along with a meal plan. If you’re a commuter, that gas money will be saved and not spent.

  • MULTITASK! My favorite pro. Being online means you can do so many other things while still being in class. If I want to throw my laundry in during my 11 am, I can!


  • Major con: you don't get the college atmosphere. My heart goes out to the freshman who didn’t get to walk to classes, socialize and meet new people, and experience the party life

  • No breaks. My spring break was taken away, and I wasn’t too happy about that.

  • Coursework is hefty. Professors have tended to give out more work to compensate for being online. It sucks, but that’s the reality of it.

  • Occasionally you can't learn as well. When it comes to the online format, some classes are much harder to learn. I’m not good at math but if I were taking it, I would struggle. Sometimes you need to be in the classroom in order to understand the material.

  • Solely relies on technology. Whew, this the one. If your computer ain’t working, you’re basically fucked. There’s always a problem with either Zoom, email or blackboard. And when that’s the case, it’s so much harder to be in school.


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