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The Power of the Block Button

What is coming between you and the block button?

The block button is essentially the restraining order of social media. You don’t want someone in your online presence? Boom! Gone!

The past few days, I used the block button several times. It is liberating. I am usually the person to ghost people. I don’t even like using the term, “ghosting,” -- it’s more like, “I’ll get back to them later.”

There are some people that don’t get the hint. If they don’t get a Snapchat back in a timely manner, they will text me. No text? Okay, let’s send a pointless Instagram dm. They don’t quit. It is time for them to go, so they get hit with the block button.

I doubt they have bad intentions or maybe they do, some people are crazy. People need to understand that we cannot force anyone on their phone to reply to them. Yes, I watched your Facetime call ring, but I chose not to answer. You don’t have control over people’s decisions.

Did they deserve to be blocked? In some cases, absolutely. The constant notifications on my phone can be draining. You can argue that replying to them would just fix the problem. However, the conversation goes nowhere. If the conversation is like the Sahara desert, why continue? Just give up.

The block button is beneficial for the ultimate villain … the crazy ex. They always think they have a magical hold on you. It is hard for them to understand to leave you alone. So, leave them with the “Pending” arrow on Snapchat.

I am not going to sit here and act as I only hold the p