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The Haunting of Hill House Is DEFINITELY More Important than Respecting My Triggers

The Haunting of Hill House was scary good, but the anxiety attack I had after was anything but. (Warning: Spoilers/possible triggers ahead.)

As COVID continues, we’re all jumping on to our favorite past times. Maybe you’re knitting or just endlessly gaming — but if you’re anything like me, you’ve been glued to your comfy spot of choice, binge watching shows on Netflix.

Between the warm blankets and constant supply of snacks, I know first hand how easy it can be to get lost in a series and lose touch with reality; so it’s no surprise during the Halloween season, I too was obsessed with the Netflix original The Haunting of Hill House!

The show was fantastic and so well thought out!

Horror isn’t typically a genre I gravitate to, but this had such a great blend of plot, thrills, and fear factor that I actually didn’t mind it? (Not to mention how dreamy Theodora is *insert heart eyes*).

Being able to Netflix Party (now Teleparty) and watch this show at the end of a hard day with my favorite cousin had easily become the best part of my week.

I was so stressed about school, and not being able to hang out with them was seriously taking its toll on my mental health. We had both made it a silent priority of ours. Every night at around nine, we’d send the link for the party in a google doc entitled: “Netflix Party For Bad Bitches Only: Spoopy Szn Edition”, and maybe grab a little snack before we started.

You’re probably thinking, “Draco, I get it, you don’t have to paint a picture!” Here’s the thing though, I kind of need to. Especially since this was the problem.