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The Model, the Promoters, and the Americans Go on Spring Break

Spring break chronicles from my trip to Barbados two years ago.

The resort said, "drinks included" - We said, "six please"

Day 1: Welcome to Club Barbados

I bet you’re wondering, why Barbados for spring break? It’s not cheap, close, or popular, so it wasn't the obvious choice.

Well, my father, the infamous Stephen Cuddy, actually secured this trip for us.

Long story short, he won three free trips to Barbados (for this specific resort) at a church auction.

After a lot of begging, I convinced him to give my friends and I a trip.

He was so sweet–drove us to the airport and everything. Of course, I freaked out on the drive over because I had just discovered that my passport was expired…

Everything worked out (somehow) but when we arrived at the resort, it was NOT what we expected.

The other people staying there were soooo old. I’m talking about a grandparents-with-canes kinda situation. Every single person was over the age of 45, but MOST were over 60. We looked so out of place because we were the only guests who didn't have grey hair and receding hairlines...

That's definitely the reason my dad agreed to give us a trip...well played.

So for the first day, we decided to relax, enjoy the weather, and take in all of the old women laying topless.

Day 2: Me and My Machete