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The Met Gala Is Back, American Style

The Met Gala has always taken place on American soil, and the event is finally getting an American-style makeover.

PC: Taylor Harding (Unsplash)

The Met Gala may have been cancelled last year because of COVID-19, but it’s coming back this year with a few minor changes.

The 2021 Met Gala will be split into two events—one being September 18, 2021, and the second being May 2, 2022 (I guess this is more of a 2021-2022 Met Gala?).

The first event in September will follow the theme In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, while the second event will follow the theme In America: An Anthology of Fashion.

Clearly, both events will be inspired by the American fashion scene though no rules have been made official by the Met Gala this early on.

What do I expect to see, you may ask?

American fashion is extremely informal. Sure, we have business wear for work settings and what not, but if you were to ask a European what they think of our fashion, they’d probably say our clothing choices are too comfortable and laid back.

My response to that is—I agree. Maybe it’s because I’m a college student, but the majority of the time, I see people sporting ripped jeans, flannels, and tennis shoes to class every day.