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The Mental Toll of Hookup Culture in College

Having 'fun' in College isn't always as fun as it seems.



  1. an institution of higher education

  2. sleep, drink, sex, repeat

Our parents like to believe they‘re paying thousands of dollars for room and board so that we can adjust to our newfound independence and have our own space to learn. But let’s be real, we all know what’s going on in those college dorms. I’ve been sexiled, I have sexiled my roommates, hell, I even violated a study room at

2 a.m. (I’m sorry to my RSA).

Despite how much fun I had having fun, it came with a lot of downsides. Hookup culture can be a fuckton of fun (pun intended), but emotions get really messy, and the meaning/value of intimacy is kinda lost.

I lost my virginity before I ever had a boyfriend.

I didn’t even want to wait for a boyfriend for my first time. I just wanted to get it over with. I know, it sounds terrible, but the first time sucks anyway.

When I got to college I went to frat parties every weekend. AND OF COURSE, Chad and Brad and every other college guy looking for a quick hookup would come up to me and be like, “oh, you a freshman?”

Suddenly, I was getting attention I wasn’t used to, and we all know it wasn’t because of my sparkling personality. Eventually, I began to measure my self-worth by what I had to offer sexually. And I hit rock bottom before realizing I needed to change my view on sex, boys, and myself.

I asked around to try to gauge other people’s views on hookup culture, and how it’s affected their relationship with others and themselves over time. Not surprisingly, I found a very similar trend in their responses and my own beliefs.

“There is a stigma towards women in hookup culture.