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The Lost Art of Love Letters

Let’s talk about love letters. Or lack thereof. Think about the wars and the thousands of letters sent during wars. Soldiers lived for them but they are on the brink of extinction. They are dying with every DM sent. We are settling for flame reactions to our Insta stories. If someone even sends more than that you’re sending it into your group chat dissecting the meaning. So for this piece I have decided to attach some images of a modern love story.

This is the letter my ex boyfriend wrote to me after we broke up. I still read this sometimes because it makes me remember how much I value being respected.

Here is an encounter in my DM’s with a rugby player a couple of years ago. We had kissed a couple of nights before and asked me to go back to his but I said no. Here’s us discussing the date he asked me on. Also don’t fucking type u or any of that shit. What are you doing with all that extra time from not writing they and the o?

So that was that but it gets worse, to clarify this guy’s friends was more of the problem but he was no gentleman. My main point here is to tell someone if they made you uncomfortable. Just tell them, because ignorance can be outstanding. Even if they don’t totally change at least you know you did something.

Then, this and it ended like this.

So was the money ever donated? I don’t know

Even reading back over that now, I get annoyed at myself for not being more assertive.

But these conversations made me realize that if I wanted a love letter I’d have to write it myself. So it took me longer than I would like to admit but here’s what I came up with.


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