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The Light that Guides Me

by Amanda Brand

The light of my life resides in the pages of books, the fur of cats and the family and friends that I have.

To be specific, the pages of books are fantastical and full of magical beings. The fur of cats belong to the two cats that I own and cherish; Pebbles and Autumn. Family and friends encompass four people who have always been there for me and continue to be there whenever darkness creeps in and I need an extra push back into the lighted path.

Books are part of the light of my life and I find myself escaping into fantastical worlds to get away from the hardships of life or to simply meet up with new and old characters and see where their story will take me.

Without books, I do not believe that I would be the person I am today.

During middle school, I was ripped away from my friends from elementary school and was left stranded in a new school. Everyone found friends within the first week but I seemed to have missed that deadline.

One day, I wandered into the library and was browsing the shelves and came upon a title that intrigued me: City of Bones. Curiosity took over and I brought it to the counter, checked it out and took it with me, as one would a friend, to lunch.

From that day forward, books have been one of the greatest allies I have.

Books have the ability to shape people and offer a completely new perspective that people might not otherwise have known to need a voice or had a voice to begin with.

My cats provide so much light in my life. I have had Pebbles since she was a few weeks old and I was merely ten years old. We have a bond that I have never seen between a human and a cat before. She feels like my soulmate and we know each other very well. I can tell by looking at her when she isn’t feeling well and she can tell the same for me.