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The Importance Of Internships

Make those connections baby!

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All throughout college you hear of the importance an internship can have on your future career prospects. However, no one truly goes into how they can benefit your career goals. So, if you’re debating whether to pick up an internship over the summer or upcoming semester, read along to find out just how beneficial they can be!

Resume builder

An internship is a great way to add experience to your resume. On many job applications, a certain amount of experience can be a qualification from the employer. If you find an internship in your field of interest, adding that to your resume can be a huge selling point. Even if you’re late to the internship game, any experience is better than no experience. So, reach out to a professor to see if they need help or seek on-campus leadership positions.

Photos: Unsplash


Sometimes it’s all about who you know.

One of the best aspects of internships is the connections it brings you!

Photos: Unsplash

Besides writing for this wonderful magazine I also intern in a middle school to gain the experience needed in my journey to become an educator.

Over the past few months, I have met so many brilliant individuals who have not only coached me in strengthening my skills but also will assist me in the future when I apply for my first teaching position.

Being able to receive a formal or informal recommendation from someone can sometimes be the deciding factor to your application process. You can find out where there are job openings, what the work environment is like, and more!


Experience is key and not just for your resume.

Getting to see if you like the field that you’re going into can benefit you in the future!

You might come to realize that you want to go in a different direction or completely fall in love with your career path.

Paid/ Unpaid

There are two types of internships—paid and unpaid

While both are great experiences, a paid internship gives you the opportunity to do what you love and make some money.

Now, you won’t become rich off of your internship, but it will give you the opportunity to focus on your career goals without worrying about a paycheck.

Don’t know where to start?

Start browsing sites such as,, or!

They’re super easy to navigate and offer a huge variety of internships.

There are thousands of internships awaiting you!

Go apply—You never know what opportunities it could bring you!

~Trust the good vibes and spread all the love,



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