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The Guide to Self-Understanding, Poetry Style

If you are looking to discover yourself in a new way, then scroll no further because this is your guide!

Trying to balance classes, a job, family, and friends, it’s easy for any college student to get their asses kicked by life...

It is vital to find some sort of time to escape and find yourself in order to survive! One option to discover and understand yourself is poetry! Now, don’t get scared off just yet, read my simple guide to self-understanding (yes, through poetry) and in a matter of no time you will discover things about yourself you never knew possible!

Let Go

Don’t let the voice in your head control what you write, let the words simply flow. All the shit you’ve learned in high school convincing you that you can’t write poetry, let it go.

I like to describe poetry as journaling with flare. Let go, let it flow, and watch your soul soar.

There is no ‘guide’ that you are supposed to follow, it’s YOU, let the paper find that out.

It’s time to be you bitch!

Write Everything Down that Pops into Your Head

Take 30 minutes out of your day, whenever you want to relax, take a deep breath, and dive in. Write down any and every thought that crosses your mind...

The argument you had with a friend, the way your dog knows just when you need some love, how the clouds today were perfect to get lost in, how your emotions have taken control, ANYTHING!!!

(hint: the deeper you go, the more you will discover)

You can’t scare off a piece of paper.