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The Great Debate: Is Luca Pixar's First Queer Animated Movie?

Is Disney Pixar’s Luca hinting at a romance between Luca and Alberto?

Is Luca Pixar's first queer animated movie?
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Spoiler Warning: Do not read if you haven’t seen the film.

Since the release of Disney’s new film Luca, many fans strongly believe that there is a hidden romantic relationship between the main character Luca and his friend Alberto, while others view their relationship as strictly platonic. It’s difficult to decide based on how the relationship develops over the course of the movie. Since both of them are sea monsters it’s clear there is a connection they both share with wanting to explore the world above the surface. As the audience, you’re witnessing the joys of friendship and the length they’re both willing to go to protect each other from the townspeople finding out about this identity. Although there are moments where the two of them bond as friends, there’s just as many that have left many fans wondering if there could be something more between the two characters. However, these claims have been denied by various people who were involved in the film and who argue the relationship is strictly platonic.

The Director

“It’s also specifically a little bit about pre-romance. That was something I was interested in as well because there’s just that moment that maybe we’re not thinking about boyfriends and girlfriends yet, which is really more about friendships.” -Director Enrico Casarosa

The director of Luca, Enrico Casarosa who also directed the critically acclaimed 2017 film Call Me By Your Name, has said that for this movie, he wanted the focus to be about friendship and his own experiences growing up in Italy. In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment Casarosa mentioned that the inspiration for this film was the film Stand By Me.

In addition to the director, Pixar’s story supervisor John Hoffman has agreed with Casarosa and says in this movie the focus is on friendship. However, Disney has made some major strives in representation for the LGBTQ community.

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The media and online commentators

The reason for fan' speculation of a romantic relationship between Luca and Alberto is inspired by the fanart that many artists have been creating on social media. On twitter, there are thousands of drawings and gifs about the two main characters spending time together. One of the most retweeted posts is by a user named Polygon, who says that Disney missed an opportunity to incorporate an LGBTQ character into their universe.

Source: Twitter

Disney’s choice

Although some people feel that Disney missed a chance to incorporate a character who represented the LGBTQ community, they are slowly allowing room for more representation, just not at the pace that audience members may want. In the last month, the Disney plus app has taken a large step in representing the LGBTQ community. There are now short films such as Out which features the journey of a man gathering up the courage to tell his family about his sexuality, as well as various other shows on the app that feature and explore same sex relationships. Perhaps in the next few years there might be a love story about a same sex couple. Disney has made their fortune telling its customers that dreams come true and maybe one day it will.

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