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The Girls Are Back in Town...Now What?

Covid’s first birthday hit’s sadly still very real, and now it’s time for all of us to come home, including friends we obviously want to see, so what the hell are we going to do?

Source: Unsplash

My girlfriends and I have been texting back and forth in our group chat about when we all come home, when we are going to hang out, how drunk are we all going to get now that the whole group is all 21, the usual, you know? But with all of us not wanting to get disgustingly sick before the holidays, we are stuck in a rut about what we should actually do, and I can imagine you are all wondering the same thing.

So we came up with some ideas, watched some TikToks, and made this list! Read it, screenshot it, copy the link, do whatever you have to do to get it into your own group chats, and have a hell of a winter break!!

1. Vision Board Night

Run to your local Goodwill's, Dollar Stores, Walmart, book thrift stores, wherever you and your friends can find cheap magazines to cut out images to put on your own vision boards! Even just print images off your laptops! (Alcohol must be involved)

2. Signature Drink Night

If you haven’t seen this idea happen on TikTok yet, you live under a rock I’m sorry. But in short, you all make a fun drink for everyone to taste-test, rate, and find out who's the ultimate bartender of the group!

3. Theme Night

A classic, it should be a staple for every gathering but that’s just my opinion! It’s finally break after a whole semester of mental breakdowns, we all need a pajama party with fluffy slippers and a ridiculous amount of wine.

4. Secret Santa

Another classic I feel like we might have forgotten about! Spike the eggnog and gather around, it’s time to get in the holiday spirit bitches! (No, I don’t care that Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet, a girl can still dream)

Source: Unsplash

5. Dip Night

Have we forgotten about a solid dip night?! Buffalo chicken, spinach artichoke, even just a simple queso dip for crying out loud! Grab some spoons, your own plates, individual bowls of chips, throw in a Margarita, and we could be onto something here! A s’mores dip for dessert??

6. Slideshow Night

This is also an idea one of the girl’s saw on TikTok but with a’s time to call your friend’s out slideshow style; why ‘E’ should stop going on Tinder, who ‘A’ should finally hook up with, who do we think took more pregnancy tests (or had more pregnancy scares for the guys in the room) get the idea!

7. Craft Night

No, it’s not an old lady thing to do, just hear me out...beads for necklaces or anklets, resin keychains or ashtrays, hop on the chunky blanket trend, or make it a paint night! It can be very therapeutic to craft and create!

8. Fuck it Bucket Night

Write everything you want to wash away, your stress about grad school or lack of self love, write a whole book if you want! Start a bonfire, all put on lipstick (red preferably, it gives more of a statement), kiss the bullshit goodbye, and watch them burn away in the fire! Jack Daniels Fire sounds like the most necessary alcohol of choice with this one.

Disclaimer: these aren’t your typical “stay 6 feet apart” events, but you can make them into Covid-safe ones! We all know this bitch Covid is something serious and she clearly is not on her way out, so maybe these ideas can help you stay away from the bars and finally stay home (with a small group that fits your state's protocols). Play this shit safe, get tested, wash your hands, wear your mask, but if it comes down to it, we might have to sacrifice hanging out with our besties for a little while until you know it’s safe to see each other!


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