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8 People I Forgot I Hated on Campus

And no, you can’t even escape them on ZOOM!

After an extended and looonggg summer at home, I am thrilled to be back at school. It is so great to see my friends and people I haven't seen since before stay at home. However, I've also realized how not good it is to see some people. Here are those people:

Frat guy type, Brad or Chad, on 8 people I forgot I hated on my college campus
Photo: Funny or Die
Everyone has class with Chad or Brad. They sit in the back (when they actually decide to come to class). Their version of a formal greeting is dabbing each other up. Everyone is their bro. They’re the ones with the Natty Light cans in the background of their zoom call. And when class is in person, they reek of beer and Axe-body-spray. And if he happens to do theater, all the theater kids WORSHIP him. We’ve all met one. They’re loud and obnoxious. Basically, the only person who doesn’t roll their eyes