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The Age of Romantics

Your all access pass to the world of romanticization (and how to know you’re being healthy about it!) SPOILER ALERT: It ain’t just about couples and mushy crap. 

Feat. Echoes of the Future, a narrative prose poem by me, Draco Rose.

So what exactly is romanticization?

If you thought the terms romanticization or romantic were just related to lovey dovey couple stuff, surprise! You’re not alone. Though they can totally apply to romantic or sexual relationships, it’s important to note that’s not all there is to it!

Fun fact: You can be a romantic without ever being emotionally or physically involved with anyone... like ever.

To put it simply, the topic of romanticization relates to a specific idealized view of reality and a romantic (at least in this context) is a person who has this view of reality and, in my opinion, has a tendency towards this. In plain terms, we have a set idea or expectation of how something in the world (or our life) is like or should be. It’s like walking around believing your life is a Disney movie, or thinking that the outfit you’re struggling to put together needs to be perfect or that hot guy you had all of one conversation with won’t fall madly in love with you...or something.

Now there’s nothing particularly wrong with these examples, but they walk a very thin line between being a healthy romantic and a toxic one. 

Wait, toxic romantics are a thing?

Yup, and if left unchecked, they can be incredibly dangerous.

For toxic romantics or toxic romanticizations, the thing they’ve idealized has been warped in some way or form. This can be caused by a number of things: friends, family, misunderstandings etc. But probably the biggest contributor to this warped reality is the media.