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How Could It Get Better? For the 502s, It Can.

From Bonnaroo, to a European Tour, their new single “Hey Julia,” The 502s are having one of their busiest years yet.

Photo: @avi.warren

Thanks to TikTok, and their viral songs “Just A Little While” and “Magdalene,” The 502s are traveling all over the world spreading good vibes through music – and creating a community of fans along the way.

Not even 12 hours after their performance at Bonnaroo, The 502s sat down with MUD on a hot day in Tennessee right on the grounds of the festival.

All six band members were present to sit and discuss the exciting year they’ve been having and where it will take them.

“The first time we spoke with you guys we were driving through New York City in February, the snow was coming down, freezing cold, we’re trying to stay on the road, and we were passing the phone around the car, and now we’re in Manchester, TN, and its 1000 degrees out here, still around the phone, but who knows where we’ll be next time," said Matt Tonner, piano player for the band.

The 502s are a high energy, charismatic, indie-folk band, and when listening to their music you can't help but smile. Their infectious good energy is what has made them so popular.

The aftershocks of their viral hits have led them to doing so many things the Florida natives could have never dreamed of.

Photo: @avi.warren

“I always feel like this is not happening to us, and then we walk out and hear people singing our songs, and we're like 'Oh, this is cool'. We’ve worked hard, but it's been very unexpected," said Eddie Isola, lead singer.

After a sold out North East Tour of the states, the band got right back on the road. This time overseas. Hot off the tails of a sold out European tour, somehow the band managed to record and release their newest single “Hey Julia.”

The song writing process? According to them it took place very organically. They were messing around in their garage, added some chords, and “Hey Julia” was born.