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Telfar Designs White Castle's Latest Uniforms

Ever heard of White Castle? You know, the fast food chain restaurant? Known for their sliders? Well, their uniforms just got a huge upgrade.


Famous fashion designer, Telfar Clemens, created four new uniforms in honor of White Castle’s 100 years in business.

The uniforms include polos, tees, aprons, visors, and do-rags for every employee. They have a distinct gothic font and are royal blue, black, and light blue - the company’s signature colors.

The new uniforms were modeled by White Castle employees in Queens.

It's refreshing to see the uniforms on current employees rather than hired models.

This collaboration is special to the designer because, as Telfar’s creative director Babak Radboy stated:

“White Castle supported us before our success and we consider them family. Their team would serve sliders backstage at all our shows and were basically part of our team.”

This is not their first collaboration, having previously worked together in 2015 and 2017. First, they sponsored Telfar during New York Fashion Week and then later Telfar designed his first set of uniforms for White Castle.

Telfar grew up in Brooklyn and went to White Castle often during his younger years. It is inspiring to see the designer giving back to his community by supporting a company that previously supported him.

Telfar is a Black creative who oversees his own company and his ability to do so speaks volumes.


P.S. If you want to rock the new White Castle uniforms, you totally can since the brand also created a limited edition collection of some of the pieces.

The proceeds will be donated to the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Liberty and Justice Fund, which provides bail to imprisoned minors.

The link to shop can be found here.


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