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Tour Diaries: Tai Verdes at Ohio State University

The uniquely talented Californian singer-songwriter performed in front of a huge crowd of OSU students.

Tai Verdes live in concert photos. Tyler Colon, known as Tai Verdes, performed at the 2nd ever Buckeye Concert at Ohio State University. The alt-pop artist is known for his hits "A-O-K" and "Last Day on Earth"
Photos: @lucykjoness

On April 11th, Tai Verdes made an appearance at the 2nd ever Buckeye Nation Concert at Newport Hall. The concert was organized by Ohio State University students and despite being originally postponed, exceeded all the expectations of a historic live music experience.

Who was the headliner? Californian artist Tyler Colon, better known as Tai Verdes, has been blowing up all over the internet and in the alt-pop music scene in the past year with songs like "A-O-K" and "Last Day on Earth." Following into the footsteps of music giants such as Doja Cat, Tai Verdes has been gaining massive popularity on TikTok and other social media platforms. His new releases continue to become hits, and we truly believe the young artist is just getting started.

MUD Photographer Lucy Jones was present at Tai Verdes's show in Newport Hall for the Buckeye Nation Concert. Get an exclusive glimpse inside the pit below:


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