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Sydney Mae Diaz from Genera+ion Shares His Take on the New Episodes

The New York native opens up about what fans can expect from the release, his upbringing in Long Island, and what this show means to queer young people.

Sydney Mae Diaz who plays J in HBO Max sister show Euphoria with Justice Smith, Generation (genera+ion)
Photo: Bret Lemke

A creation of seventeen-year-old Zelda Barnz, Genera+ion focuses on a group of high school students navigating dating, gender, sexuality, and partying. United by the GSA club, these characters share their different viewpoints and beliefs as they deal with the intricacies of growing up today. On social media, the show has been regarded as a sister to HBO Max’s other highly popular show featuring Zendaya and Hunter Schafer, Euphoria. But for teens across the world, Genera+ion holds a unique authenticity that sets it apart from anything they’ve ever seen.

In the show, Sydney plays J, an incredibly cool character that lives a unique storyline among his friends. He’s Chester’s (Justice Smith) best friend, which is a perfect match considering their opposite personalities. J’s known for his philosophical and mature wisdom when it comes to coming-of-age stuff, often thought of as the all-around nice guy of the group. His comedic timing brings the show a lighthearted and warm light, making him a character that we can’t help but love right from the beginning.

What can fans expect from the episodes dropping on June 17th?

“Drama! I’m so excited for everyone to see. I think about how much fun it was to shoot some of these scenes and I can’t wait for you to see. I hope they are as fun to watch as it was to shoot them,” said Sydney to avoid giving us too many spoilers, but still managed to get us super excited about the release.

One of the ways in which Sydney says Genera+ion is different it’s how it places queer characters and their stories at the forefront of the conversation. The majority of the main characters deal with things such as coming out, first love, sex, and self-acceptance. Even the other characters on the show help raise awareness about the issues that queer young people fight during their teenage years, such as ignorance and stereotypes. What’s most refreshing about Genera+ion is how it covers a lot more parts of the queer experience in 2021 than any other show out there, making it highly relatable for Gen-Z.

MUD caught up with the New York actor to discuss the new episodes of Genera+ion, the differences between LA and New York, and what makes this show unique to queer teens and Gen-Z everywhere. And as a little treat, some details on his big-screen debut in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which is set to release later this year.

Watch the full interview with Sydney Mae Diaz below, and don’t miss the new episodes from Genera+ion on June 17th only on HBO Max.

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