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Swipe Right: How to Create an Attractive Dating App Profile?

Ready to find a match you are actually compatible with. We got you. All the tips you need to know to create a desirable and authentic dating app profile.


Dating apps can be overwhelming and we often spend more time endlessly swiping than actually meeting up with people IRL. You can tell a lot about a person from their profile; from the pictures they use to their prompt responses. And if your profile is lacking key aspects, then it's a swipe left for me.

Let’s be honest, if your first profile picture is of you and your friends, you are just confusing any potential matches. No one wants to have to keep scrolling to see who you are when they might really be attracted to your hot friend. And if you already put your height in your info, there’s no reason to mention it again in your bio. Also, can we stop with the gym and shirtless pics, the ego is just too much for me.

Many dating app profiles can leave you mindlessly swiping left because nothing is grabbing your attention, but then there are the ones that do. This is not just because you are attracted to some people over others, but because they have curated a profile that is worth scrolling to the bottom.

Whether you are a daily user or occasionally swiper on Hinge, Bumble or Tinder, creating a profile that conveys your personality in a fun and engaging way can help you find more potential matches.

Get more right swipes with these tips on how to make your dating app profile more attractive.

1. Use a clear photo of yourself as your first picture.

If your first photo shows potential matches what you look like from the start, they are much more likely to scroll through the rest of your profile. Make sure the picture is not overly zoomed out or too much of a close-up selfie. And most importantly do not include your friends. Guessing does not lead to swiping right. A picture of you smiling is also a plus.

2. Pick prompts that initiate a conversation.

While swiping takes little to no effort, actually starting a conversation with a match can be daunting. Using prompts that make it easier for the other person to start a convo is the best way to immediately make a connection. Some favorites of mine on Hinge are: Two truths and a lie, We’re the same type of weird if, and You should leave a comment if. It’s way more fun to relate to someone right off the bat, than starting with a somber “hey.”

3. Include a mix of pictures with friends and by yourself.

Beyond the first profile, adding pictures of you and your friends shows you are social and like to have a good time. Including playful photos of yourself also gives more insight into your personality. This could be you on vacation, with your dog, or doing an activity you love like playing music. Any photos that show what it would be like to hang out with you are a great option.

4. Make sure to be honest about your preferences and beliefs.

Shared values can make or break a relationship. Avoid finding out you and a potential match don’t feel the same way about drinking before you go on a date with them. Being honest about your substance habits, belief systems, and what you are hoping to gain from being on dating apps will not only help you find more compatible matches but save you a lot of time.

5. Connect your Spotify to your profile.

Adding your music preferences to your dating app profile might seem unnecessary, but it can give someone insight into your personality. People’s taste in music says a lot about them. Better to find out your potential match only listens to rap upfront, so you don’t have to suffer the consequences on the first date. Unfortunately, connecting your Spotify is only an option on Bumble and Tinder, but including your fav music in your Hinge profile will also do the trick.

As dating apps continue to be destigmatized, more and more of us are creating profiles with the hopes of finding potential matches. Whether you signed up for a casual hook-up, to go on a few dates, or are looking for a more serious relationship, curating a profile that will attract people who you might actually be compatible with is something we could all use a little help with.


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