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Story of My (One Direction) Life

Before Harry Styles’s groundbreaking solo career, One Direction took the world by storm.


If you were a huge fan back in the day like me, then you’ll remember the great 2012 scare of Harry possibly breaking away from the band when his song “Don’t Let Me Go” was leaked. Sure I felt guilty every time I listened to it because it could’ve meant the end for One Direction, but it was (still is) a bop.

Or what about the Adventurous Adventures of One Direction? Video Diaries? Mr. X? Calling everyone and their mother a carrot? I know it’s years later, but still, only OG fans will remember that last one!

When I think about it, there was nothing normal about being an early 2010’s 1D Stan. I mean, what other artist has held a seven hour live stream for the release of an album? More importantly, what “normal” fanbase tunes into an entire seven hour live stream where 5 boys proceeded to make fools of themselves (The Payne Train, anyone?).

Either way, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Some of my favorite memories stem from One Direction. Like any fan back in the day, I did some truly crazy things. While I know I wasn’t the craziest fan by far, I definitely did some wacky things not many other people can say they did. For the sake of this article, I’m going to skip most of the unbelievable concert happenings or you’d be reading for a lot longer than you imagined. Instead, I’ll focus on two individual moments of pure insanity.