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Stop Pushing Love and Start Fighting For It

How to understand your commitment issues and actually dealing with them

The walls do fall down... but not without some force

In a Gen Z society, where one-night stands are normalized and a ‘good morning’ text is the epitome of a healthy relationship, it seems all of us are scared to commit to someone else. Which is understandable, since most of us have no idea who we are as individuals anyways.

As cliché as it might sound, that’s what we're trying to do right? Find ourselves? And for many of us, we tend to do that by being ~closely~ bound to a number of people. And yes, I’m talking about hookup culture.

In reality, when we’re pulling more people physically closer to us, we're pushing our ability to love farther away.

As sex became more attainable, commitment became harder to come by.

I never thought commitment issues were a real thing - until I found someone that completely and utterly consumed my mind, yet I still couldn’t bring myself to be in a relationship. I beat myself up every day trying to find ways to get over it; it was mentally exhausting, and nothing worked.

Many months, many boys, and many mistakenly given love letters later (I know, just call me Lara Jean) I FELT the walls encasing my ability to love come crashing down.

It sucked.

But now I know what I should have done when I was falling for someone, and everything I did that I shouldn’t have.

That's what I’m about to share with you.

“Some people want the attention of having you without the responsibility of being co