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by Melissa Houck

Photo by Annie Spratt (UnSplash)


I have this comfort I find in the night.

Ever since I was little I could look at the stars in the darkness and find everything I was looking for. I remember learning about them in elementary school; how they are made up of different gasses and what not.

That has always been my least favorite explanation. However, my favorite explanation has always been that the stars are the magic of the night.

I am now 20 years old and still believe in this. The stars are powerful. Some believe it is because of the Zodiacs, the strongest of warriors, dancing in the night sky. My reasoning is much less complex, or maybe too complex, depending on how you look at it.

The stars give me the ability to see life like I did when I was a child.

I can look through the lense of childhood wonderment, innocence, and love. The stars give me hope for a better day. They guide me through life and love when I am completely lost. They are not as bright as the sun and they may not be able to light a path all on their own, but that is why I look to them so often. They give the option to choose instead of being directed in a specific way. The darkness is similar to the way we walk blindly through life, the stars are what guide us to the choices we have.

The stars have shown me choices I would have never deemed possible if I had looked only to the sun. We never truly know what is going to happen in our lives. Life is filled with the limitless ‘What ifs.' When I look into the stars I know I can choose where my next step will be. 

Every time I look at the stars I am one step closer to figuring out who I am. I’m not totally alone in the world.

We can depend on the stars, right?



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