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Spacey Jane Talks About Their Latest Single, "Lunchtime"

One of Australia's most beloved bands just dropped their newest song, an indie rock daydream that explores bright vocals through their unique sound.

The Australian band Spacey Jane talks about their newest single Lunchtime.
Photo: Spacey Jane

Let’s talk about your new single, Lunchtime. At its core, what is the meaning and inspiration behind this song?

Lunchtime was written right at the beginning of Covid in 2020. It was a time of some forced reflection that I wasn’t really ready for. I spent a lot week nights drunk and alone and kept waking up in the afternoon feeling very sorry for myself. I sort of felt like everything was pretty hopeless and pointless, like I was just going through the motions.

Sunlight was your first full album. What did you learn from writing and producing it that may change how you will approach future albums?

Definitely. Sunlight was written over a long period of time, very piecemeal and without much intention. I like that it gave the album a looseness and youthfulness but I think on the record we just finished tracking things feel more considered and intentional. Being able to dedicate more time and energy into the new album definitely makes it feel more like a ‘project’ that will fit together better and make more sense.

Spacey Jane’s origins can be traced to Perth. Does Australia inspire your lyrics or sound in any way?

I often get asked that and while I’m convinced that it does in many ways, I’m not sure exactly what those ways are. I think for the most part I share many similar experiences with people all over the world, it’s incredible how shared peoples stories really are.

I saw you’re touring during this month at home. How does it feel to play live again? What places are you most looking forward to playing at?

Yea it’s been great! We’re so well looked after by our home city, the support we’ve had in Perth over the last 5 years in truly so special. The US and Europe are top of the list of places we want to play for sure. My girlfriend lives in NY so I think that’s probably where I’m most excited to get to!!

I’ve always loved the artwork of your album, EP, and singles. Do you have any influence on the art? If so, what inspires the face of your music?

With the Sunlight cover art we really just wanted to present the members of the band in the simplest way possible. We knew that lots of people wouldn’t have heard of us or seen us before so it was a way of connecting in more ways than just the music. Our first covers were all created by our friend, Alice who was doing some amazing collage work at the time. I think we were drawn to it because we were able to us old photos and memories of ourselves and transform them into something abstract/new.


Listen to Spacey Jane's new album, Lunchtime, available on all streaming platforms. For news and updates, follow the band on Instagram!


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