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Experiencing Single Stigma, Samantha Jones Style

When you're the only single friend you have to embrace your inner Samantha Jones.

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Last week, Sex and the City was resurrected from the dead. Unfortunately, the show's revival left behind Samantha the proud singleton. Despite the iconic plot and characters, we can't forget its outdated scenes (like Carrie’s biphobia, “I'm not even sure if bisexuality exists, I think it’s just a layover on the way to Gaytown").

Aside from the occasional insensitivity, one episode lives in my mind rent-free; Carrie slut-shaming Samantha in front of their other friends. Samantha, the fucking fabulous singleton, is wrongly judged by sloppy ass affair having Carrie.

I think we’ve all had a friend like Carrie who gets selective amnesia about their party life.