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Sierra Puett on Making Her Presence Known


Sierra Katina Puett has appeared on Cirque Du Soileil and Netflix Prom next to Kerry Washington, Meryl Streep, and James Corden.

On the cusp of creative motion with a splash of hypnotherapy, Sierra Katina Puett carves her own spot among our select group of trailblazers.

Leaving her mark within the LGBTQ+ community, Sierra acted in the short film “Were You Gay in High School?”

She showed us the crazy confusing but magically wonderful life of discovering that you are totally crushing on your same gender. When I asked about her role within the community, Sierra was confident about continuing to be a role model for those who are struggling with their sexuality. She understands first hand the shit people go through when they are first coming to understand who they are and how to express themselves.

“As a queer cis female, half-Japanese, I want to have representation that is accurate and personal,” she said.

Sierra is a powerfully queer badass woman who encourages love and acceptance, using the roles within her career to make sure no one is alone in their self-discovery journey.

“Failure has been very important in my life and career. I don’t think failure has ever been a fear of mine and every time I’ve failed it's given me the fuel to continue,” she said.

Failure has been the root of Sierra’s growth, not viewing the things she’s messed up on as definitive failures but lessons that showed her where she needs to work harder or improve upon herself.

Inspired by her dad, she also earned her license in hypnotherapy, guiding whoever needs help to release their stresses, anxieties, or whatever is toxic to your aura. You cannot tell me that this is anything else but the sickest side job ever.

“I actually wrote, directed, produced, and starred in my own short film over the pandemic, and that is queer as well. I also am in the upcoming Netflix movie ‘The Prom’,” Sierra said about her biggest achievements.