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Should You Get a Rëzo Cut?

My journey on getting one of the newest curly haircuts, the Rëzo cut.

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As a natural girl, it’s HARD to get a good haircut. There used to be only one option for curly hair, the Devacut, created by DevaCurl, but now, Nubia Suarez (@nubiarezo) created a new haircut for curly hair, called the Rezo Cut (referred to as RëZOcut). The original salon is called Utopia in Westfield, NJ and now she opened an additional salon in NYC called Rezosalon. I was blessed that Westfield is only 20 minutes away from me, but people have been traveling over 4 hours just to get their hair cut here, and I’m prepared to show you why.

I got my hair cut done by Mayssa Deeb (@mayssas_beauty_mark) who is a RËZO educator which costs $150. The price goes up from $100 depending on who cuts your hair. The haircut is done on dry hair (air dried, no diffusing) that’s freshly shampooed, conditioned, and detangled. They cut on dry hair because that’s when you see your true curl pattern, and all curly haired girls know, the shrinkage is REAL. This lets the stylist know how long your hair really is when it’s in its natural, dry state. Just bring pictures for inspiration to show how you want your hair cut. For me, I want volume AND length, and she gave me that.

After the haircut, you go to the sink where you get your set which includes shampooing, conditioning, detangling and styling. Evelyn (@praisedahair) did my set. They use products by Ouidad and their own haircare line, Rëzo haircare, which you can buy here at

The process starts with shampoo and Evelyn used this shampoo with warm water to open up the cuticles of my hair while shampooing. So, remember warm water always during shampoo and you apply the shampoo to the scalp only. Let the shampoo run down your hair to cleanse the rest while rinsing it out.

The next part of any washday is conditioner, and the conditioner used on my hair was applied to the midshaft down, focusing on the ends. The reason for this is that your ends need conditioning. We’ve all heard of split ends, we don’t want that because it’s a sign of hair breakage. Detangle hair in sections with conditioner and while wet because it provides slip. Detangling curly hair can be absolute hell depending on the condition, but with wet hair, conditioning it into sections can be a breeze. You can detangle curly hair with either a denman brush or a Tangle Teezer (which is being used in the video). Always rinse out hair with cold water in order to keep the moisture from conditioning in your hair (something I HATE because I’m in the shower).

Now, this part can MAKE or BREAK your washday routine, styling. It is SO vital to make sure you’re styling on soaking wet hair. To start, apply a leave-in conditioner to the ends of your hair. Leave in conditioners allow you to get moisture into your hair during your styling routine. Next, Evelyn applied gel to each section of my hair, but ONLY to the hair, NOT the scalp. This is because nobody wants hair that sticks to your head. Smaller sections allow the product to fully immerse into the hair with the use of a denman brush. The brush you use really defines your curls to bring out a curlier texture, but make sure to rewet each section. Always remember, 80% water/20% product when styling.

After styling, Evelyn scrunched my hair (technique with head flipped over to bring out curl definition) with a microfiber towel or you can use a cotton t-shirt. If you have hair like me that never wants to form a gel cast, spray some mist to really get that definition.

Second to last step is diffusing which is a technique for curly hair used to dry hair without the heat damage and unnecessary time associated with drying. At Utopia they use a Dyson hair dryer which I highly recommend if you diffuse every washday like me. The process starts with hovering over the hair for 10 minutes to allow the roots to dry (use high air, medium heat). Next, start diffusing the ends in a scrunching motion, but never in one position. Flip your hair upside down, back and both sides to give flexibility to your curls.

Last but not least, scrunch out that gel cast with oil! Evelyn used this hair serum because oil breaks that crunch which BTW, isn’t cute because there's no bounce in your hair, unless you like the crunch/stiffness.

The best part is always the finished look which is done by using the oil to shake out the hair upside down. And finally the REVEAL….

So, should you go out and get a rezo cut?

The obvious answer...YES! To all my curly haired girls, there are options. This cut is one of them. If you want to have defined, voluminous curls like me, go check out the Instagram handles I included throughout and see other transformations. Your curls will thank you!

Neither myself nor MUD is getting paid to promote these products and services.

(All Ouidad products you can buy at Ulta or the Ouidad website)


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