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The Worst Places to Shoot Your Shot

Everything has a time and a place, even when it comes to flirting. For example, hitting on someone who's alone at a gas station at 10pm mayyyy not be the best place to introduce yourself. So if you need help deciphering when and where to shoot your shot (or just want a good laugh) below is a compilation of locations deemed "the worst places to get hit on."

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Who doesn't love a little flirting action? Those magic moments can turn any stranger into someone special. However, sometimes Cupid shoots his bow at the worst times.

Don't get me wrong, some of the best-laid plans are annoying, funny, uncomfortable, or sometimes even downright scary.

But there is a time and a place for everything.
Especially when flirting.

When shooting your shot it's always important to put yourself in the other person's shoes. You may not realize it, but you could be making the other person feel uncomfortable or even unsafe. That's never a good thing, especially when it comes to flirting. To avoid apprehension, it's important to take into account the time and place when you decide to shoot your shot. The location is just as important as what you say.

Here's a little quiz to test your knowledge....

Which is a better scenario to hit on a cutie you see?

A. At a bar by sending a drink their way

B. While they're going for a run, you pull your car over to compliment them

Obviously, the answer is A. At a bar, you're in a public, safe, and friendly atmosphere whereas getting stalked on a run can make someone feel like they're literally about to be murdered...The reason for this "quiz" is to put into perspective the impact a location can have upon the success of a flirt. Although the way you shoot your shot is important, the location is just as critical.

Below lies a complied list of actual locations where people have actually been hit on. Maybe you'll relate to the hitting or maybe you can relate to getting hit on. Regardless of how close to home this list hits, hopefully, you'll learn the best time and place to shoot your shot. Now, without further ado here are the worst places where people were hit on!

*Just a little tip do NOT hit on someone at their job. They are just being friendly. They are not flirting with you. It's called customer service. Have you ever been to Sephora? They'd sell you their mother.

Month’s Mind

"In Ireland, Catholic people do another mass a month after a funeral. After my grandmother’s we had a bit of a party with all sorts of people. At around midnight I was in the queue for the bathroom and I heard one of the guys who kept hugging me all night tell my cousin “I’m gonna get with R tonight” Needless to say that did not happen. Some of my family members also tried to set me up at the afters of the funeral."

Hospital Bed

"I was lying in a bed in the emergency room. He said I was looking great but he was definitely lying. My face muscles were not working because of Bell’s palsy. He brought me an Aero chocolate bar. It was not like Grey's Anatomy at all."

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"I was on the subway in New York sang 'My Girl' and shouted, 'This is for the girl in the red top wearing glasses.' I wanted a hole to open and swallow me up."


"I work in a grocery store, and this man came in and told me he wants to bring me on a date, and that I was worth a hundred camels. I told him about my boyfriend and he said he’d come in every day until I didn’t have a boyfriend anymore."


"I was in Ireland with my parents. He asked my mom permission to ask me out. I still don’t know how much my dowry is but I love an accent."

Gas Station

"I was pumping gas outside a gas station at 10 p.m. Very scary altogether."

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"Border control at Miami airport. I don’t know what his endgame was."

Phone Store

"I was getting my phone fixed and he kept joking that he already had my number. Wasn't funny."

Work (Part Two)

"Another grocery store a man in his seventies told me and a colleague that he really wanted to bring us both on a date and see what fun we could have. Clearly trying to insinuate a threesome. He also regularly tries to pick up women in the queue by telling all about how he’s so lonely since his wife ran off with another man."

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Airport (Part Two)

"I noticed him from a local reality dating show where he didn’t come across well at all. He told me how drunk he was during filming and waited with me at my gate even though we weren’t going to the same place. I was going to France and told me when he got back home he’d look me up so I could teach him some French."

Family Wedding

"Very common in Irish culture to get set up. He asked me to dance and said don’t worry I’m not trying anything. I was sixteen and he was twenty-seven. I said no but all my female relatives got annoyed so I danced with him later on. Afterward, he asked me if I wanted a drink. Just a reminder, I was sixteen."

Lost and Found

"He found my credit card and messaged me on Facebook to return it. I met him and thanked him for everything. He messaged me so many times afterward asking about my country and other weird random facts."

Here are a few more not so sucesscul locations that I gathered from a MUD insta pool (also definitely give MUD a follow, here is the link to our fire insta)

So there you go folks, it looks like none of these ended up happily ever after. But you never know if you don't try! As long as you're not being creepy, remember when it comes to flirting, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

(The Office)


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