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Shay Rose Reveals How She Created The Penny Dress

Fashion artist and creator Shay Rose talks to us about how she started in fashion, her creative process, and more.

Photo Courtesy of @crescentshay

You may know Shay Rose as the talent behind the recent viral Penny dress, or the 12 feet wide pink dress you developed during the pandemic. Her creations are always turning heads in the digital world since she creates garments with interesting concepts and materials that make people go, “I don't know where I'm wearing it, but I want it!”

But how did Shay get into creating these amazing garments? Cosplay!

Her Instagram and Tiktok show how much passion she puts into recreating the exact same costume as her favorite anime characters. But lately she has gotten more into creating her own original designs and experimenting with new materials.

Shay mentions that her latest creation, the Penny Dress, was once meant to be a dollar dress, but while developing the idea, she leaned more towards making the dress entirely out of pennies–2 652 to be specific. This dress broke the internet and people were amazed, as they should, with the time and effort Shay put onto this dress. The whole process is on her youtube and is mesmerizing to see it come to life from beginning to end. This dress is her go to choice for an event like the Met Gala, and people on the internet so agree with that, since it’s such an elegant and original place it would be perfect for it.

One of the most interesting things about her creative process is that Shay lets her followers participate in it. She uses social media not only to show us the whole process, but as a tool to let people get more involved in the process by helping her decide between ideas for a project. When letting people help her decide with her she is never disappointed about the final choice as she says, “Usually what people are interested in seeing tents to be the most fun project”

As Shays continues to develop her new creations she encourages all fashionistas out there to make it happen, start creating and learn from the process or as she said, “The only way to get started doing something is to just to try it out and do it for the first time”.

Follow Shay Rose amazing work on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube for her latest creations


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