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Shannon Berry Shines on Amazon's The Wilds

The Wilds follows eight teenage girls stranded on a deserted island under harrowing and mysterious circumstances.

Shannon Berry is an Australian actress. She portrays Dot Campbell on Amazon Prime Video's The Wilds. Interview with MUD Magazine.
Photo: Amazon

The first season of the acclaimed TV Show The Wilds left an arresting feeling in all of us. It was intriguing from the very first episode, and with a superb young cast, it’s no surprise that the show has garnered a large following. Critically-acclaimed Australian actress, Shannon Berry, plays Dot Campbell, one of eight girls who are left stranded on a deserted island. Under severe circumstances, the characters must deal with the grief of their past lives while attempting to survive until rescued.

As a tough Texan girl with a passion for survival shows, Shannon's character, Dot, quickly becomes a resource and a leader on the island. We learn her straightforward and independent nature is partly attributable to a challenging upbringing before the crash, caring for her sick father on her own. Despite the rough exterior the script implied Dot possesses, Shannon Berry endows her character with a heart-of-gold that has made her a true fan-favorite. During flashbacks, we see Shannon's versatility as a performer and why she’s long been considered one of Australia’s best actresses by both industry insiders, and the public at large. One moment she is making us laugh with quick-witted one-liners, and in the next she manages to grab hold of any viewer’s compassion in a deeply emotional way. Any viewer–let alone a critic or acting coach–can quickly tell upon watching Shannon that her incredible character creation on The Wilds would be no easy feat. With a second season premiering this year, we couldn't be more thrilled for Shannon Berry to reprise her lead role and continue to deliver awe-inspiring moments for fans of the show.

As one of MUD's Trailblazers to Follow of 2021, we caught up with Shannon Berry to learn more about her similarities to Dot, navigating acting in 2021, and the biggest moment of her life.

Your character in the Amazon Original “The Wilds” is a resourceful, survival-show fanatic who proves to be an asset on the island. How much do you relate to her?

Like Dot, I grew up watching classic survival shows with my own Dad, whenever Bear Grylls was on you could usually find me on the couch right next to him! However on a deeper note, I think we are both the same in how we react when someone close to us needs help, we adopt the caregiver role. I find that, like Dot, I too struggle with asking for help from others, it’s something I’m slowly getting better at. We are both used to pulling ourselves up and getting the hard jobs done, while putting our own needs last.

If you were stranded on an island, what would your role be?

I would love to say a gatherer of sorts, but I feel, knowing my luck, I’d accidentally poison the group with something I’d found! I’d probably most likely adopt a Dot type role, eager for shelter building and full of random survival tidbits.

Shannon Berry is an Australian actress. She portrays Dot Campbell on Amazon Prime Video's The Wilds. Interview with MUD Magazine.
Photo: Amazon

How has the last year changed you, both as an actress and as a person?

This last year has given me a freedom to learn to live presently, in life and craft. Focusing on the moment rather than the future and living fully in it, that’s what acting is all about!

What has been the biggest moment of your life so far?

Moving from my hometown of Perth to Melbourne by myself at 17 I think takes the cake. I went from a life with my family and going to high school to suddenly dealing with acting work, rent, bills and how the hell does one cook a healthy, balanced dinner? It signaled the start of my career and finally growing up. It was hard, but ultimately and luckily, I think it paid off!

What’s one thing you hope never changes?

The immense love I have in my life right now; from my friends, my family and myself. I’m so incredibly lucky.

Shannon Berry is an Australian actress. She portrays Dot Campbell on Amazon Prime Video's The Wilds. Interview with MUD Magazine.
Photo: Amelia Dowd

You boast a long list of accomplishments as an actor– besides a huge social media fan-base, you’ve also shared the screen with some industry legends. Any that you’re especially proud of?

My mum was so excited when The West Australian wrote an article about me for Offspring, because she knows it’s a big achievement in Australia and not every actor gets that so early on in their career [laughs]. Personally, though, I’m especially proud of The Wilds with the opportunity to work with so many talented women in all areas of production. It’s always incredible to be around.

Not many people know that 'The Wilds' is not shot in America. Another American show in which you played a lead role, the SyFy series 'Hunters,' was also shot in Australia. You’re finally heading to the U.S. soon to film some thrilling projects - are you excited?

Unfortunately I can’t say much, but I can say my team and I are indeed very excited–I can’t wait to get back to work!


Follow Shannon Berry on Instagram for the latest updates. Watch the first season of The Wilds only on Amazon Prime Video.


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