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Sara Sadok on Creating Lifesaving TikToks


There’s no doubt TikTok dominated the social media realm this year. Its endless stream of entertainment keeps you scrolling until the sun comes up. Literally. Whether it be dancing challenges, fashion trends, or funny bits, each video provides a fleeting 60 seconds of satisfaction. However, the captivating content can leave toxic impressions on our generation’s minds. Fortunately, one TikToker in particular not only is making TikTok a safe place for others but a lifesaving place.

“Hi, so if you ever have a hard time sitting yourself down for a meal, let’s have a meal together,” is how Sara Sadok begins most of her TikToks.

18-year-old Sara Sadok’s “eat with me” videos touch the lives of millions who struggle to sit down for a meal. In her most viral video, Sara invites viewers to join in celebrating her 18th birthday with a special birthday breakfast: a medium Dunkin iced coffee and pumpkin spice doughnut.

As Sara prepares for her birthday meal, she encourages viewers to take their challenging first bite, “I’ll take the first bite to make it a little bit less intimidating for you and then you can have your first bite after, okay? Ready. One. Two. Three.”

Sara has become a role model for people fighting eating disorders, body image issues, and survivors. Her acts of kindness are far-reaching, and seeing her use her platform for good is inspiring. For many who struggle with eating, Sara’s gentle demeanor and soothing voice provide comfort during this difficult task. These kind and compassionate videos leave a lasting impact on her audience.

“People were thanking me for my content and telling me that the video I made helped them eat for the first time in days. Some even told me I saved their lives.”

Sara mentions the most inspiring thing to come out of her “eat with me videos” is the impact she has left on others. This positivity has spread like wildfire, “People who initially duetted me in order for me to help them eat, have now created their own videos helping others!”

This contagious positivity was Sara’s goal from the beginning. Just like the rest of social media, TikTok has its demons. With problematic trends going viral in the past and an algorithm that glues young people to their screens for unhealthy amounts of time, TikTok’s quick rise to fame has brought a series of new problems. However, Sara neglects to feed into triggering content and turns her attention towards uplifting viewers. She intends to make a positive impact in the hearts of people who looked at her content.

Although Sara helps millions conquer obstacles in their lives, she has dealt with her own set of challenges. Rather than dwelling on the ‘what ifs” in her life, she prefers to reap the benefits of the life lessons she is meant to learn from.

“Failure has taught me that success is not never failing, but not repeating failures for a second time.”

This embrace of hardship explains Sara’s choice of role models. When asked who she would like to sit down and eat a meal with, Sara said, “Malala Yousafzai, Greta Thunberg, Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Emma Watson, etc. Sitting with these women, sharing a meal, and having a conversation with them would be very interesting and intriguing.”

Sara’s passion for advocacy is an inspiration to all. When asked Mud’s signature question about what it means to be young, Sara’s answer was inspiring.

“Being young today is very different than being young a few decades ago. There are so many things more openly accepted today than 20 years ago. With this, I believe that we as a generation can truly make a change and help better the world we live in; we have the potential to make a lasting impact.”

Through the simple act of recording a video, 18-year-old Sara Sadok has managed to leave her own lasting impact. Not only do her TikToks save lives, they inspire others to follow in her footsteps. Sara has managed to help better the world we live in, and it only took her 60 seconds.


This story appears on the December 20 issue of Mud, "Lisztomania." You can purchase a digital and print copy here.


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