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Samuel Arnold from Emily in Paris on How to Eat, Dress, and Date in French

We talked to Samuel Arnold about his character, Julien, to learn the differences when it comes to Paris fashion, food, and dating.

Samuel Arnold from Emily in Paris
Photo: Isaiah Hodges

A few short weeks ago, Emily in Paris was released on Netflix, where Samuel Arnold shined in his role as Julien.

Since the show came out on October 2nd, everyone's been talking about the fashionable clothes, delicious-looking food, and of course, the dreamy Paris lifestyle.

Samuel was born in a little city just thirty-minutes outside of Paris, but being surrounded by his friends and family, Paris has always felt like home. Of course, another reason why he loves Paris is because of the amazing food. When he's spending time in London, the one thing he misses the most is food, like those chocolate croissants the show is always flaunting in our faces.

Emily in Paris follows the adventures of Emily (Lily Collins) as she moves to the city of lights without a single ounce of French in her vocabulary, but with the determination to make this the best experience of her life. In the series, Samuel plays Julien, a co-worker (and then friend) of Emily's at a luxurious marketing firm. Samuel and Lily's characters had a rocky start, but ultimately, Julien quickly becomes a close companion to Emily. When I asked about his connection to the character, Samuel said he loved the freedom of expression that came with playing Julien.

“[Julien] says whatever he wants to say, moves whatever way he wants to move, dresses whatever way he wants to dress, and I think his freedom was the best part of it. I wish I was as free as he is" Samuel said.

Another part that Samuel loved was sharing the screen with Lily Collins. From the first day on set, Lily was very supportive and they clicked right away. Their off-camera friendship came through during the show because their characters meshed very well together. She made the experience quite memorable for Samuel, and fans, myself included, cling to the hopes of watching their friendship develop more in a second season.

Although the show was widely loved in the United States, Twitter was bustling with criticisms about the way Paris was depicted throughout it. When I asked Samuel about these remarks, he had a very positive response.

“I actually think that the show gets everything right, it just doesn’t show everything about Paris. It's impossible to see one hundred percent of Paris in a show. You've got to live a lifetime there to experience Paris fully" Samuel shared.

He also shared how everything they filmed was real: the streets, the beautiful attractions, and sometimes, the behavior of the French people.

When I expressed to Samuel that one of my favorite parts of the show was the clothing, I asked what the differences were between fashion trends in Paris and the United States.

In the United States, when you go into your local grocery store, some people look their absolute worst: sweatpants, bed head, flip flips, etc. And I can definitely relate to this from first-hand experience, but I know I'm not the only one. As Samuel confirmed, this is very much NOT the case in Paris. He believes that, generally, people always look good. And yes, that also includes when they go into a grocery store on a Sunday morning to nurse a hangover.