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Safe Apps You Need While Traveling Solo

Although everyone is eager to travel again, keep in mind, safety first.

Time to dust off your passports and pull the suitcases out because summer is here! Now that the travel restrictions are loosening up this summer would be a good time to take the vacation that you couldn’t last year, (thank you COVID-19). As you begin to travel, here are some helpful apps that you should download before leaving for vacation.

Apps that keep you safe while venturing around the city

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One of the most important features Triplingo offers is under the Safety tab. Under the safety tab the app brings up additional tabs, General safety information, Emergency numbers and Medical terminology. In addition to its safety features this app offers the users the opportunity to learn various phrases and translations in multiple languages. Watch this tutorial on how to work the Triplingo app.

Another useful app to install on your mobile device when traveling is bSafe. This app is a must have!

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bSafe has a variety of safety features which include Guardians; people that you choose to track your location, Live Streaming; when the panic button on the app is activated, a guardian will be notified of your location and will be able to hear and see everything that is happening where you are and. Follow Me; Let your Guardian walk home with you through the livestream GPS. For more information on bSafe click here.

Apps that can monitor your hotel rooms

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If your hotel room has a safe, how safe are your valuables? The security app Haven keeps watch and is designed to ensure that your possessions are safe when you leave your hotel room. Although this app is only available on the android mobile devices, it is worth it because of the safety it provides to its users. Micah Lee, a computer security engineer, wrote a piece about how efficient this app is when it comes to protecting your belongings like your laptop. He said, Haven connects to your mobile device’s microphone, and camera to catch any movement in the room. If someone comes into the room, you’ll be notified. For more details about Lee’s review on Haven click here. You can also download the app from the app store.

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One of the apps that I would encourage you to get if you plan to travel this summer is OpenKey. Hotels have been recommending that guests download this app to use as their room key. With this app you don’t have to stress about losing your room key anymore, you download the app, plug in your room number, and place your phone above the lock. This app is guaranteed to keep you safe since it eliminates the stress of losing your room key and break ins. You can learn more about the OpenKey app by clicking here.

There is excitement to travel again and enjoy time out of our homes, but it’s important to always keep safety top of mind. Safety can easily be forgotten when you’re on vacation and that’s why these apps are helpful. They provide the luxury to manage all your safety needs in one place. To learn more about other items available to keep you safe this summer, check out this article. Safe travels!


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