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Sabrina Carpenter Gorgeously Story-tells in Her New Album "emails i can’t send"

Dropping Friday, July 15, Sabrina Carpenter's emails i can't send is expected to be a compilation of delicately told stories and new sounds.

Here’s What We Know...

On July 5th Sabrina Carpenter dropped her track list, album name, and release date on Instagram along with an elegant photo from the album cover shoot. emails i can't send drops July 15th, with a total of 13 songs, three of which have already been released, and one teased on TikTok.

Her most recent album was Singular Act II, but she is also known for her recent movie CLOUDS and her new fragrance collection, "Sweet Tooth."

Photo: Instagram @sabrinacarpenter

The first song released from her upcoming album, “skinny dipping,” hit Spotify in September 2021. It is a nostalgic and soft narrative of having the freedom to come back to an old love, feeling thankful and healed, with the hook: "it’d be so nice, right?/ right?/ if we could take it all off and just exist/ and skinny dip in/ water under the bridge."

"Fast Times" came to us in February 2022, and the last pre-album drop came July 1st with the hit single "Vicious." The song, written as though being sung to someone, addresses a tumultuous relationship that has caused a lot of damage and pain.

Photo: Pinterest

The song, for obvious reasons, has spurred conversations on Twitter, as many speculate the song is discussing drama that resulted from the relationship with Joshua Bassett. Fans on Twitter catch a similarity between both Olivia Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter’s work, the young women writing about ingenuine songs being written for them.

The “Vicious” bridge:

"I should have known all along that I was only the next one/to take your love songs as a promise"

And Olivia’s hit chorus in "Driver’s License":

"I guess you didn’t mean what you wrote in that song about me/Cause you said forever now I drive alone past your street"

Because of the similarity, fans have cause to believe that Sabrina was unfortunately subjected to the same heartache Olivia was, the highs and low of potentially the same individual. Most fans are, however, adamant that this album shouldn’t spur more hate and arguments for all three artists because of the pain and harsh spotlight the seeming “triangle” has created.

Regardless, we can expect a carefully crafted and honest album from Sabrina with a lot of variety. As she explained, the album expresses both the bad and the good: memories, stories, and feelings she’s experienced paired with new sounds and a level of “unexpectedness.”

Photo: Instagram @sabrinacarpenter

And knowing Sabrina’s music and lyrics, all of these stories will be carefully channeled into impressive music, both for luscious summer nights and angry car rides.


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Great article! Will definitely be checking out her new album

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