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Rhylee Passfield is the Queen of Cosplay

As described by her Insta bio, this cosplay content creator is the human form of a fever dream.

Cosplay creator Rhylee Passfield (rhyleep)
Photo: Rhylee Passfield

You are most recently known for your Cursed Cosplay Series on TikTok. Tell us about the behind the scenes process of getting set up for one of these videos.

It normally takes anywhere between 1 - 8 hours to complete a cosplay! I use mostly what I have in the cupboard but will also go to a lot of thrift shops to find particular clothing I might need, as well as just discount/craft stores.

How do you chose which character cosplay to do when thousands of people are commenting on your videos? What has been your favorite cosplay so far?

I go through all of my messages/comments on my social medias and will write down all suggestions and requests that followers have for me. I then write them into a monthly schedule for what I will be filming for the month! My favourite has to be Mr. Burns glowing in the woods, it was the one I probably had the most fun with so far!

Cosplay creator Rhylee Passfield (rhyleep)
Photo: Rhylee Passfield

All your characters have a video specifically for a dance on a stripper pole in your house. Tell us about the idea behind this and what your friends think of your well-liked cosplay TikTok series.

I have done pole fitness for about a year now, it’s so much fun and will make you very fit without feeling like exercise! So I decided to get a pole for my apartment and it started off with a couple people saying “you need to dance on the pole in your cosplay” and then it just became a thing from there! My family is very supportive and often will help out and even join in on videos! I love them so much, they’re the best. My boyfriend is also very supportive and helps out a lot with filming and getting in on my shenanigans.

Do you have a background in special effect makeup or art? If so, tell us about this or are you self taught?

I have painted and drawn since the age of 2 and always loved art so much. I also got into special effects makeup when I was around the age of 20 and am self taught with it all.

Cosplay creator Rhylee Passfield (rhyleep)
Photo: Rhylee Passfield

What is a day in the life of Rhylee look like?

I have decided to give it my best go to make this into a full-time career so at the moment a day in the life consists of lots of chaotic face painting and costume making, editing, planning, art and LOTS of laughing!

Finally, tell us something your followers didn’t know about you. Do you have any upcoming projects your followers can be looking forward to?

Something a lot of people don’t know is that I was actually on the Disney Channel for my art when I was 17! That was my first real exposure for my art, was such an amazing and fun experience!

In terms of projects, I’m currently working on some super fun merch and setting up a Twitch channel (rhyleep95) where I will be live streaming cursed cosplays, playing old classic video games, cursed doll making and more, super excited!! I’m the most excited to be able to interact more with my followers - they are absolutely hilarious and brilliant and I love them all so much!


For more awesome cosplay content, make sure to follow Rhylee Passfield on Instagram and Tiktok.


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