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Relax, Your Virtual Interview Will Be Fine

Please wear pants to the interview!

You got an interview! Congratulations! However, interviews can be stressful especially with added elements: strong wifi connection, good lighting, and the fear of speaking with the mic off. Put all your worries aside, this article got you covered.


When the hiring manager reaches out to you, pay attention to detail. It is important to note the correct dates and times for your interview. Also, it does not hurt to get their name. If they give you a call, scramble to find the nearest pen and paper (yes, that does include the crumbled Dunkin Donuts napkin in your car.)

Be sure to answer your phone, I know unknown phone calls are scary. If the employer reaches out over email, reread it the night before. You will feel better knowing you’re right on track.

Are you sure of what job you applied for? It is easy to forget what the job entails when you applied three weeks ago. You should take a look back to review the responsibilities and qualifications. This will give you an idea of what tasks you’d perform and an inside scoop of what your work routine may be like.

Also, the job description will help you answer questions like, “Why are you interested in this position?” You should consider reasons for how you would grow from this opportunity and what skills would benefit the workplace.

I see you put your social media accounts on private, smart move I guess. An employer can easily research you like how we look up Netflix casts on IMDb. I’m not telling you what you should post, it’s your account. However, imagine how grandma would react. First impressions are essential. Your Twitter account might be their first glimpse of you whether you know it or not.

It is time to set up your interview space

Unfortunately, the chances of traveling to the place of employment are low. It can be difficult to interview at home. There can be distractions and not everyone has their own home office. You should remind your household the night before your interview, so they can be mindful of noises and give you good juju.

You can DIY an office space: find a blank wall, set up a chair and table in front of it. Some laptops may have bad camera quality (mine looks like a toaster) -- you can download Zoom, Skype, or Google Meets onto your phone. Just make sure, your rotation lock is off! If your lighting is dark, put on a lamp to show your golden hour features.

It’s Showtime!

On the day of your interview, it might be frightening to show up to the virtual meeting before the employer. However, that shows them you have great time management. Why wouldn’t they want to hire someone who practices showing up earlier? It’s a good habit to demonstrate.

There are a few questions you should be ready for. The dreaded, “So, tell me about yourself!” Don’t just tell the employer, you need a job. Actually, don’t tell them that at all!

You should inform them of who you are as a person -- What are you studying? Where do you go to school? How are you involved in clubs or organizations? What projects are you proud of? It is important to share these details even if it is on your resume. A pdf says one thing, you can go into depth.

A tricky question can be, “What are your weaknesses?” No, don’t tell them you’re unsure. You can share a skill you want to improve and how the job will help you grow in that area. A job should make you better. If you think you’re perfect, you won’t have the mindset of learning.

At the end of the interview, the employer may ask if you have any questions. You are interviewing the employer as much as they are interviewing you. A good idea would be to ask how the workplace adapted to the virtual world or asking what a typical day looks like. Simple questions make you seem more interested in the position.

Projecting Good Energy!

After you nailed your interview, it is nice to send a ‘Thank You’ email stating how you appreciated meeting them and their time. Keep it simple! You don’t want to seem pushy, it’s not attractive.

A little manifestation never hurt anyone! However, a good philosophy quote I follow is, “Everything happens for a reason.” If an opportunity is right for you, it will present itself. There is always another chance --- one interview will prepare you for another one.

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