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Relax, Your Virtual Interview Will Be Fine

Please wear pants to the interview!

You got an interview! Congratulations! However, interviews can be stressful especially with added elements: strong wifi connection, good lighting, and the fear of speaking with the mic off. Put all your worries aside, this article got you covered.


When the hiring manager reaches out to you, pay attention to detail. It is important to note the correct dates and times for your interview. Also, it does not hurt to get their name. If they give you a call, scramble to find the nearest pen and paper (yes, that does include the crumbled Dunkin Donuts napkin in your car.)

Be sure to answer your phone, I know unknown phone calls are scary. If the employer reaches out over email, reread it the night before. You will feel better knowing you’re right on track.

Are you sure of what job you applied for? It is easy to forget what the job entails when you applied three weeks ago. You should take a look back to review the responsibilities and qualifications. This will give you an idea of what tasks you’d perform and an inside scoop of what your work routine may be like.

Also, the job description will help you answer questions like, “Why are you interested in this position?” You should consider reasons for how you would grow from this opportunity and what skills would benefit the workplace.

I see you put your social media accounts on private, smart move I guess. An employer can easily research you like how we look up Netfl