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Ramadan Fashion

Ramadan is the most holy month of the year for practicing Muslims. The month began April 13th and concludes May 12th, the month is full of prayer, blessings, fasting, and holds a great spiritual experience for most.

During Ramadan there are many opportunities to dress up, while remaining modest. There is a special nighttime prayer during Ramadan called “taraweeh” in which Muslims will usually go to the mosque to pray.

It’s also very common for families to host dinner or “iftar” at mosques, or family gatherings by inviting their loved ones to break their fasts together.

When attending a mosque it is necessary to dress modestly, wearing the hijab is expected in the place of worship.

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The hijab is a scarf covering a woman’s hair. Its purpose is to achieve modesty and divert the male gaze. In Islam, wearing the hijab is a decision that is to be made by the woman who wishes to wear it.

For me personally, hijab outfits hit different. Pulling out my modest skirts and dresses and pairing them with a beautiful hijab is an unmatched feeling. There is power in modesty.