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Protest in Music, Fashion and on Social Media

Times have been sensitive due to the acts of racial injustice caused behind the badge of many men and women. We have become numb to hearing and seeing an unarmed Black man or woman being wrongfully mistreated by law enforcement. George Floyd’s death in May, shook the nation and had people in an uproar. Once that 8.49 video was uploaded to social media it was reposted and reshared by millions making it hard to ignore. The agony you heard as he cried out for his mother struck a nerve of discomfort in viewers everywhere.

In response, many people all over the world responded through protesting and not only by marching the streets but in their everyday lifestyle. People have protested through fashion with shirts that read Black Lives Matter and masks that read the names of many Black men whose lives have been taken by law enforcement. Now although protest music is not new, it has been redefined in todays’ generation with artist such as Lil Baby, Teyana Taylor, Nipsey Hussle, Childish Gambino and more. These artists have used their platform to bring awareness to what is transpiring through our world today and they stand with us until change comes.

Along with fashion, and music, social media has been the main platform bringing attention to the injustices taking place in our world. The use of a camera phone has never been so useful as it is now. The is an effect that comes over you when you, along with millions are visually being able to see something so horrific as if you were there yourself. and posting for millions of people to share in that specific moment as if they were all there too.

Protest in Fashion

Protest in fashion stems from headwear, accessories and t-shirts that implement social and political change expressing support. Many celebrities have been seen showing support in protest fashion. Professional tennis player Naomi Osaka wore a mask with the names of several black men whose lives were taken by law enforcement.

Lebron James along with many other professional basketball players have worn “I Can’t Breathe” and "Black Lives Matter" t-shirts during their games in support of the George Floyd protests. Designer and Entrepreneur, Draya Michelle was recently spotted wearing a shirt that said, “Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor”, in support of the Breonna Taylor incident. What protest fashion does is protesting without marching the streets with signs and blow horns. It directs attention to the letters on your mask or t-shirt creating conversation for those amongst you.