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Pre-Date Rundown: Girls Edition

Get ready to go on a date during covid - inner monologues and breakdowns included.

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I went on a date recently and this is how I got (or at least tried to get) my shit together before we met up.

The night before:

The last-minute plans we decided to make mixed with the awkward, “You don’t have covid right?” was different in itself.

Since the pandemic started, this random question has been completely necessary to ask. The mere thought of possibly getting covid on a date with a stranger makes me almost cancel every time. In the end, he could be lying about his answer anyway (just my trust issues talking), so I’m constantly hoping the risk is worth the reward.

Definitely one of the major downsides to dating rn.

After our date night was all set up and any questions were out of the way, the waiting game began...

Basically, I was trying to forget about the fact that I had a date the next night so that I wouldn’t freak the fuck out. Anxious chills and nonstop thoughts about everything I had to do to get ready, broken up by mouthfuls of ice cream, were the basis of my night.

Anticipation is a real buzzkill.

This might (definitely) just be me winding myself up by overthinking a casual night out with a guy, but the night before is the worst.

To finish off my night, I did some skincare for a quick confidence boost and forced myself to go to bed probably the earliest I’d gone to bed in a year - just so my mind would shut up.

*Insert me manifesting my dream guy in my sleep*

The morning of:

I’m not gonna lie to you. I stayed in bed watching TikToks for a solid hour after I woke up to procrastinate this whole thing.

I knew it was a bad idea and the lost time would make me super anxious, (which it did), but procrastination is just so tempting.

At this point, my thought process was as follows:

So I need to be there at 7 pm, meaning that I need to…

  1. Start getting ready at 5 so I can take my time

  2. Shower at 4 so I have plenty of time to shave my entire body, wash my hair, and mentally prepare

  3. Eat, workout, and do the shit I need to do before the date NOW

Needless to say, I had no time.

You know those worms that would overdramatically throw their body around when we poked it with sticks as kids? (Or was that just me…)

Well, I felt like a squirmy worm getting poked by a stick.

What’s really funny is that I decided I wouldn’t eat bread or anything that would make me super bloated, so basically, my body was functioning on iced coffee, a spiked smoothie, and maybe 3 cheese sticks.

Don’t do that.

Do what I say, not what I do, because no guy is worth not consuming bread for 2 hours until the date...

So I’m successfully making my way through the day by running some errands and overall staying pretty chill.

I made time to do my nails and for you girls who don't want to pay for acrylics (me), invest in some clear glue on nails from Amazon. Absolutely life-changing.

Making time to do my nails before a date always makes me feel more confident, so for me it's an absolute must.

The excitement was building and before I knew it, it was around 5 and I was so late.

I swear, every time I plan something out in my head, the exact opposite happens.

As the nerves and anxiety flood in, I’m zooming from my bathroom to my room trying to get myself and my bag together.

  • Lip gloss? Check.

  • Gum?

  • Wallet? Got it

  • Mask?

  • Keys? Grabbing them at the door

  • Condoms? (yk just in case)

Just the essentials…

I indecisively threw on the first casual outfit I could put together in my head (which for some reason he thought was me dressing up??) and ended up waiting at least 30 minutes for him to be ready AFTER the time we agreed to.

Strike one, buddy.

In those extra 30 minutes, I decided to re-do my hair because it looked like shit (again, me overthinking) and hype myself up with some Megan Thee Stallion.

Not to be basic or anything, but Megan, Cardi, and Nicki are the only hype trio you should be vibing to before a date.

Trust me, getting yourself and your mind loose with some music is a great way to prep for a date with a little less nerves than you started with. It honestly got me pumped for the night.

As I finally got on the road, all I could think was,

“Is any guy really worth all this shit?”


Guys - listen up.

We don’t do it for you. We don’t get dressed up, put on flawless makeup, wear our favorite perfume, and make ourselves feel like a supermodel FOR YOU.

We do it for us, and only us.

Walk into your date with confidence and you'll blow that man away. And if he isn't good enough to take the heat, then there will always be another guy next in line who wants you more than the last.

Source: Pinterest

(For any of you wondering, the date was alright. He was cute and kinda sweet, so I’ll probably give him another chance to redeem himself.)


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