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POV: Dating as a 'Frat Star'

Single and partying go hand in hand, so what happens when your hookup becomes your #1 best friend on Snapchat? Do you stick around to see where it might go, or do you run for the red solo cups? Personally, I choose the latter.

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If you know me well at all, you know that dating is… not exactly my forte. I like doing what I want when I want, and I can’t keep a text conversation going for the life of me.

But flirting?

Working my way around a frat basement?

Having fun?

Yeah, I can do that.

And most of my friends can too.

But with how many people we meet, there’s always bound to be one that wants more, and THAT is when the situation gets sticky.

So here are a few stories from ‘frat stars’ whose intentions with others got caught up in a web of miscommunication, hookups, and “what are we’s”.


#1 Red Heart, Red Flag

“So I had hooked up with this guy once and we started a snap streak. The next weekend I hooked up with him again and everything was fine. It was kinda nice having someone I knew I could easily make out with. Less work for me. But then he asked to hangout and do homework together on a random Tuesday, and that’s when I started to question what was going through his head. THEN he sent me a red heart and it was all over from there. I haven’t talked to him since.”

Yeah… the red heart: never a good sign. They say girls get attached too easily, but, from my observations, I have yet to find a girl who gave a shit after two hookups.

Honestly, two hookups and you're lucky if my friends know your actual name.

Or even if I know your actual name. Which did happen to me once.

So let's get into that story!


#2 What's My Name Again?

After making out for a while at the party he pulled away and asked if I knew his name. I remember it slightly differently, but he said that I responded

"Does that really matter?"

Like yes Mackenzie, yes it does.

Then we continued kissing and he brought me back to his room (where we only slept) and asked me again in the morning what his name was.

At this point, I was mortified because I still couldn't remember; then he proceeded to tell me my name, major, and what dorm I lived in.

So yeah, I felt bad...

Afterwards, he asked my friends if I was mad at him because I wasn't giving him attention at an entirely different party.

Like I said... it's always the guy that gets attached.


#3 Sorry, Wrong Brother

“A guy came up to me at a party and complimented me, but then just walked away. So long story short I ended the night making out with him against a pool table. The next weekend, I didn’t really plan on hooking up again, but my friends saw him and literally pushed me into him, so it just kinda happened. But then he started to actually try to have conversations on snapchat with me and even saw me working and made it a point to come and say hi and have a conversation. I was confused because I didn’t know if he wanted to be friends or more than that, so I slowly stopped answering him and ended up dating one of his fraternity brothers… so it kinda worked itself out.”

So, um, this is actually my story. And the relationship didn’t work out either. But I gotta say, it made me realize I do have a type.

And it’s Beta brothers.

Whoops - Guess I like a 'man of principle.'

Source: Google Images

#4 The One Who Thought He'd Be the One

“Honestly, I was kinda going through my whore phase because I was finally in a good headspace after separating from my toxic ex. For the most part, my hookups and I were on the same page of no strings attached, but with one guy, it became obvious that he liked me more. After several times waking up in his bed, I realized it had to stop because he was calling me beautiful, making me breakfast, etc. It was so sweet, but I didn’t like him that way and I didn’t want a relationship. So I ended things and got with someone else a week or so later… and that’s when it got awkward. Because that’s the guy that ended my hoe phase. And now we’ve been together for five months.”

See! Even if you're an absolute party animal, you can still find a relationship. It really just depends on who you meet and who you're willing to give up some of the aspects of party life for. If it’s the right person, you’ll have no problem doing it.


#5 You Got The Wrong Idea

So I spent the night at a guy's house and it was really fun. I started asking him random questions about his life and himself - not because I was trying to date him - but I was just filling the silence.

I do it all the time.

He asked for my Snapchat and my Instagram, but after he dropped me off he left me on read. I was kinda confused and blew it off until I realized he definitely thought I was going to get attached because of the way I had acted.

While in reality, you'd have to move an entire mountain for me to get emotionally attached to you.

And I feel like this happens to girls a lot.

Girls are typically more able to form deeper platonic relationships than guys are. That's why you see girl best friends who know every little detail of the others life. Guys can have this relationship too, don't get me wrong, but it's more common with females.


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