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Playlist: Send You a Postcard

The playlist that makes you crave tanning oil and quality tequila.

Photo: Pinterest

It's nearly impossible to go on Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok without seeing a gorgeously bronzed woman living her best life in some European destination. Without admitting jealousy or planning my next trip, I've instead made this playlist to embody whatever vibe I think she's living. Thinking maybe, walking through your Italian apartment listening to I. Flight of the Navigator by Childish Gambino? Not your vibe...what about Southern California neighborhood swaying to West Coast Love by Emotional Oranges? Personally, I'm sort of feeling like Puerto Rican bodega blasting Cherries by Hope Tala.

"Got myself a Visa, and starting catching flights to where the grass is greener", Kali Uchis Miami (feat. BIA).

Sometimes you just need a playlist that you can daydream to; folding laundry and listening to Kali Uchis is just as fun as tanning on a Spanish beach. Right? Check out the Send u a Postcard playlist, if you just need something that makes you roll your hips.


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