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The "Can We Sit on the Beach at Midnight Forever" Playlist

The perfect playlist for the deep conversations we never want to end.

Photo: Unsplash

There’s something very contemplative about midnight and moving water. The mix creates this inability to keep our darkest secrets from falling out-in the best way possible. Especially when we are with someone.

Someone can be the love of your life, your best friend in the entire world, yourself, or any person that makes your heart feel a little too big for your chest.

But the sitting on the sand, staring into the moving darkness-it spurs the best conversations. The digging-through-the-old-junk moments, the cheeks-turn-pink embarrassments, and the I-think-this-is-the-point-of-life sentences. But in order to get to these peaceful whole moments, we must consider something else.

The third part in this equation: the music.

If left with the wrong tone, the soft sounds of the waves, and delicate hold of midnight… the mood dies and with it the chances of knowing someone or yourself as deeply as that water.

So, here is the Can We Sit on the Beach at Midnight Forever Playlist, songs that set the mood for talking and thinking, or present brand-new questions if the contemplation turns quiet. With a combination of heartbreak, wonder, love, and storytelling, here’s a playlist for discovering the past, the future, and everything in between.

In no particular order…

  • "Glimpse of Us" Joji

  • "CHICKEN TENDIES" Clinton Kane

  • "Bees" The Ballroom Thieves

  • "Halley’s Comet" Billie Eilish

  • "favorite crime" Olivia Rodrigo

  • "champagne problems" Taylor Swift

  • "The Table" Emmit Fenn

  • "Fat Funny Friend (sadder)" Maddie Zahm

  • "boy x" Tate McRae

  • "To