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Plastic Surgery Isn’t Just Cosmetic

I boosted my confidence and looked like a bad bitch doing it!

Photo by: Hello I'm Nik

Disclaimer: I’m speaking on my journey and my personal experience with plastic surgery. I assessed my mental health and truly questioned why I was doing this, only moving forward when I knew I was doing it to make myself happy, not to appease society’s standards. Before deciding if this is the right move for you, do your research, talk to those around you, and openly talk to your doctor about any and all concerns you may have.

From the time I hit puberty, I disliked how my body looked. And I’m not just talking about putting on a few pounds. I had the one thing every girl wanted...boobs!

By the end of my sophomore year of high school, I was a 38 G. To say that the weight of the world was on my shoulders isn’t an understatement.

I grew so tired of clothes not fitting and not being able to exercise without two bras. The toll my chest took on me was so much more than physical, and my poor body image caused my confidence and self-esteem to tank. I never thought I was as pretty as other girls because my chest was colossal. Every time I walked into a store, I knew I was going to leave unsatisfied because the clothes I purchased never fit quite right.

At 18, I decided to do something about it! I booked a consultation with a plastic surgeon, and four months later, I experienced one of my biggest life-changing moments.

Listen…I’m all for self-love—embrace what you have, BUT if you want to make a change, don’t be afraid!

Here are the ways plastic surgery impacted me.

Body Positivity

Removing four pounds (yes, FOUR POUNDS) from my chest took away so much negativity. I had become so weighed down by my dislike for the way I looked that it started to affect me mentally.

From the moment I came out of anesthesia, I fell in love with my new body.

I could finally wear shirts and dresses that were actually my size. Everything I put on fit like a glove as if it was the figure I was always meant to have.

Let me just say, I flaunted that shit!!! I was so proud of my new bod that I didn’t give a fuck! I had been self-conscious for so long and hated when people looked at me because I knew they were looking at one thing. Now, post-op, I wanted all eyes on me. I knew I looked good—I wanted people to know it too!

The confidence I gained wouldn’t have been possible without that leap of faith. After plastic surgery, I absolutely loved myself, my body, and of boobs.

Better Quality of Life

While my chronic back pain wasn't “cured” post-op, many people experience pain relief and overall better quality of life. A lot of people who have breast reductions feel less back and nerve pain caused by the weight of their boobs.

When I tell you I was miserable pre-op, I mean it. I was miserable. My chest was constantly stopping me from doing what I loved. I wanted to be able to run free and dance like the queen I am, but I always stopped, knowing that the size of my chest impacted everything I did.

A better quality of life doesn’t just come from a breast reduction either. Ever heard of a nose job? Those are performed for medical reasons, like deviated septums. And botox? That can help with chronic migraines! Yes, they’re often performed for more “ideal” looking features, but they serve a health purpose too!

Despite what the media may say, plastic surgery can greatly benefit someone’s life. Whether it's for medical reasons or not, their daily mental health will likely improve.

We don’t want to be weighed down even more than the difficulties that already stop us. So why not change something?

Now, I’m not saying to change everything about yourself. I’d made the decision at a very young age that a breast reduction would be the best option for me.

I’m still a curvy queen and I love it! I’m just a few sizes smaller and enjoying my bra-free life.


It’s always been a hard concept for me to grasp. I’ve never been good with it. Shifts in life cause me so much unnecessary stress and anxiety.

As plastic surgery is a large and permanent alteration, I spent a great deal of time making sure I was absolutely positive it was what I wanted. While I was so passionate about my surgery it was still difficult to fully embrace the giant adjustment I was about to make.

My whole life my perspective of change was skewed. I thought every alteration came with a negative consequence. But I was wrong.

It’s inevitable, and often for the better. Had I not had this surgery I’d probably still be sitting in my room waiting for the universe to wave its magic wand. Now I have the drive and confidence to grab the opportunities that come my way. Change is hard and scary. But waiting around while the world around you keeps moving is even scarier.

So take that leap of faith.

Spread your wings.

And hell, get some plastic surgery if you want to (or don’t).

Moral of the story: Don’t hold back. If you want to make a change in your life, do it. The mental stress you feel from your insecurity will be lifted off your shoulders (pun intended). If you feel like it’s the right path for you—go for it!

~trust the good vibes and spread all the love,



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