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Pain Is Relative. It Doesn’t Have To Be “Worse”.

People have different experiences, so stop negating the things you go through because you think “it could be worse”.

Teen Wolf | MTV

As more people begin to normalize conversations surrounding mental health, it can be easy to put things into boxes. Anxiety looks like one thing, depression looks like another, and so on, and so forth. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to understand the hardships others deal with, that we unintentionally downplay the things we feel.

We say things like, “What I’m dealing with isn’t as bad as what they go through,” or “Yeah I’ve been feeling really bad lately, but it could be worse.” But have you ever stopped to think about whether it actually has to?

Shadowhunters | Freeform

As someone who deals with depression and anxiety, I’ve become incredibly vocal about my ongoing battle, both to lend a voice of advocacy and so I can create a safe environment to talk about how I feel. I’ve grown to trust and depend on my friends, and in turn they’ve seen my highs and lows.

They’ve witnessed moments where I went from a calm headspace to a severe anxiety attack in a span of two minutes, they’ve seen me fighting to leave my bed or just return their messages, and they’ve been there to help in any way they can.

As thankful as I am to the respect and support they’ve given me, I’ve realized it’s important to keep the conversation going on both ends.

I was recently on a drive with one of my best friends. We talked about everything from what we wanted for dinner, to how thicc (yes with two c's) the moon looked, when they offhandedly mentioned how much they’d been crying again. Though the sentiment wasn’t a new one, they always had a reason. Sometimes