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A '70s Fashion Resurgence: How To Dress Like Those In “Daisy Jones & The Six”

Bell bottoms, flare tops and psychedelic glam are officially replacing current fashion trends thanks to Daisy Jones, and we couldn’t be happier to go back into the past.

Bell bottoms, flare tops and psychedelic glam are officially replacing current fashion trends thanks to Daisy Jones, and we couldn’t be happier to go back into the past. Find outfit inspiration from the 70s as seen on the Prime Video series, Daisy Jones and the Six.
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It’s all groovy here, baby! That’s right, seventies fashion is officially here to stay in 2023, and the cast of “Daisy Jones & The Six” is more than ready to bring us a taste from the past. With the long-awaited Prime Video series finally airing the first three episodes, it’s enough to say that the audience is in for a real treat when it comes to understanding the true free-spiritedness of music and fashion during this iconic decade.

The book, authored by Taylor Jenkins Reid, tells the story of how sex, drugs and rock and roll intertwine between the fictional rock band Daisy Jones & The Six over the course of their sky-rocketing fame across the 1970s Los Angeles music scene and their eventual breakup as a band. And if the rock and roll scene of the ‘70s– think Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles – and the nostalgic cinematography of the TV adaptation wasn’t enough to make you yearn for the past, the fashion most certainly will.

From Daisy Jones to Billy Dunne to Karen Sirko, each are uniquely talented and stylish in their own way. And that being said, bell bottoms are in, and mom jeans are out. Boho blouses replace cropped tees, and denim boiler suits paired with knee-high platform shoes are the new going-out look. So, if you’re wardrobe is too up-to-date and not enough in the past, here are a few essential items you’ll need to start dressing like those you see on the screen.

Flare Is In The Air

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Flare tops and pants are absolutely essential when it comes to living up to the '70s aesthetic and Daisy Jones does not hold back. Her carefree attitude and "I do want I want when I want" personality are huge influences on the way she styles herself, and wearing clothes that are too tight or restrictive would be the complete opposite of Daisy's persona. From flowy bell bottoms to flare jeans that definitely hug your curves in the best way, you're going to need a pair if you want to adhere to the trends.

Fun With Fringe

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Simone Jackson, the underground disco singer and Daisy's best friend, easily became a star in her own right. But with L.A.'s disco scene being a huge inspiration for the way Simone carried herself, it's only right to wear something that embodies groove and movement– introducing fringe. Fringe is usually made of cut material of leather, suede or buckskin clothes that create a chopped-up design. And while many consider the golden age of fringe to be in the 1920s with all the glitz and glamor of the flapper dresses, fringe was widely popular across the 1970s with the hippie culture. Fringe vests, fringe suede jackets and even fringe boots will elevate any outfit and have you dancing your own little disco in no time.

Pennylane Coats Are A Must-Have

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While Spring is officially here and the weather is getting warmer, the penny lane coat is a must-have for outerwear. It's time we hang up our puffer jackets for something with a little more edge. With these fur-embellishment coats being one of the most recognizable pieces of the '70s, what better way to embody the decade's fashion and the Daisy Jones vibes than with this?

Glam-Rock Chic With Karen Sirko

Photo: Pinterest

Karen Sirko, the keyboardist of the band, is undeniably a strong female character. Her persona exudes confidence and she definitely knows how to make her style reflect her personality. In all-black attire from a sheer and mesh top paired with a fitted leather jacket to black-heeled boots, Karen knows what it takes to be edgy. Colors of maroons, browns and blacks mixed with androgynous pieces of clothing will not only have you looking like Karen but have you resembling icons of the '70s like Patti Smith and Chrissie Hynde.

Bringin' Back Boho

Photo: Pinterest

Camilia Dunne's warm and robust sense of self comes out through her clothing. Flowy dresses with floral patterns and crochet top halves are definitely a look for this spring and upcoming summer. Not only are these easy to dance in and twirl around, but they are also incredibly comfortable to wear and dress up. Wearing boho, ankle-length dresses will have you dancing around to "AURORA" in no time!

Alexa, Play "Gold Dust Woman" by Fleetwood Mac

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Nothing says "center of attention" more than a dreamy mesh cape with a stunning bejeweled dress. This outfit was probably the most eye-catching throughout the entire show. Daisy's gold pleated floor-length dress is to die for, and there's nothing more that embodies the haziness and dreamy-like aesthetic of the '70s than a dress like this. Wearing something like this may require a special occasion, but quite frankly, I would be more than happy to wear this dress dancing around my living room to Fleetwood Mac.

So now that you have the outfit inspiration to look and dress like those seen in "Daisy Jones & The Six," get out there with your flare pants and vintage tops and crank up Fleetwood Mac (or in this case, Daisy Jones & The Six's album "AURORA") to really transport yourself back to the '70s in the 21st century.


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