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OnlyFans is Changing the Landscape of Sex Work Forever

Only fans has put the sex industry in the hands of the creator.

Graphic from Pinterest.

As we all know, OnlyFans has been taking the internet by storm. Almost everyone knows someone who has created an OnlyFans account. But the conversation surrounding it seems to be: why would someone pay for an OnlyFans account when they can just get it for free elsewhere?

Here are some words from our lord and savior Mia Khalifa, “so to answer your question of: who would pay for OnlyFans? Paying for OF instead of consuming something free is similar to paying a little extra for organically grown food in the sense that it's more ethical and not exploitive.”

  1. OnlyFans allows for the worker to be in control of everything; the content, the setting, whether they want to post stills or videos.

  2. They get to decide if they want to be nude or not, if they want to perform a solo act or bring in another person.

  3. They choose what to set the price of their monthly subscription to and there’s little to no room for degradation, exploitation, pressure, blurring the lines of consent and consensual acts.

For previous porn stars who have switched platforms like Mia Khalifa, it must be liberating.

A breath of fresh air.

And why not find a way to directly monetize your content? OnlyFans is similar to other social media outlets, except you have to pay a monthly subscription to view creators content and interact with them. Seems like a good way to weed out all the weirdos and creeps you don’t want viewing your stuff.

AND 80% of the fees collected go toward the provider, while 20% would go to OnlyFans. The payment processing system is built into the website, which eliminates external or third party billing and payment portals. So there’s no question about where your earned money is going or when you’ll get it, as a creator, payments are immediate and direct.

Get that money, honey.

Women who had previously turned to porn as a desperate means of income now turn their sights toward something more profitable, ethical, and fair toward themselves. Many women look back on their months spent in the porn industry with disdain, saying that directors had told them the only way to make a living in porn is to also double as a prostitute.

Now these women can turn right around and say, “hey scumbag, here I am racking up tens of thousands of dollars every month just posting online content. I don’t need you.” We love a good underdog story.

I think there’s a misconception surrounding how much money porn stars actually make?

When it comes to how porn stars typically get paid, it’s an open market. They get offered a sum of money based on a scene and what they’re willing to do. They do not continue to profit off the video once it’s posted and racks up a bunch of views and likes, though. It’s a one and done deal.

Most pornographic videos include a partner or multiple partners, a camera crew, lighting technicians, hair and makeup people, etc. Even for the most experienced, shameless porn star, this must make for a semi uncomfortable setting to perform one of the most vulnerable acts there is.

So as much as people love the pornhub theme music or whatever you want to call it, not paying for your porn is just simply not the move. Sex workers are exactly that, workers. They’re providing you with a service. If you want explicit content to use for your personal benefit, grow up and pay for it.


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