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Ode to Consequences: An Apology

How to give an apology: A lesson I learned in telling the truth.

Trust is a delicate thing. If it is broken, it can rarely be repaired.

Trust. Something that could take years to build, could also vanish instantly.

Sketch from Pinterest

Not too long ago, I fucked up.

For weeks, I thought about it. I tried to find a justification, a reason, anything. But, the reality was that I just fucked up.

For months, I didn’t say anything because I was too scared. Scared because I didn’t want to harm our friendship, but in doing what I did, I may have ruined it anyway.

So, I considered the consequences.

What would happen if I confessed?

How would I live with myself if I didn’t?

I pondered those questions for a long time. It wasn’t until too much time had gone by that I finally came to a decision.


Talk about it. Offer an apology, then hope and pray that forgiveness is granted.

An apology. As if that’s a magic fix. It can’t fix a damn thing, but it stands for something.

So, now I need to consider what it means to apologize. An apology means complete sincerity. If I say I’m sorry, I must mean it with my entire being.

If you happen to read this, I am truly sorry.


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