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Noah Kahan's "Stick Season" Is Full of Anthems

The singer and songwriter from Vermont just unveiled his third album, which leads with the title track, "Stick Season," and "Northern Attitude."

Vermont singer and songwriter Noah Kahan just unveiled his third album, which leads with the title track, "Stick Season," and "Northern Attitude." Review of Noah Kahan's third album "Stick Season."
Photo: Patrick McCormack

If anyone asks me about Noah Kahan, out-of-this-world lyricism is the first thing that comes to mind. Aside from being an astounding musician, to me, the Vermont native is one of the greatest storytellers of this generation of artists. He captures his life and every detail that surrounds it into a beautiful and complex narrative that's impossible to forget. This was the case with his previous two albums, "Busyhead" and "I Was / I Am."

So, when I got to listen to Noah's third studio album "Stick Season" I expected no less. But this album takes his signature storytelling to new heights. It's both nostalgic, but very timely. It's emotional, but quite down to earth. It explores new territory, but it very much ingrained in his roots.

What Noah Kahan achieves with "Stick Season" is a rarity in the industry today. He delivers a universal experience that one can relate to right away, but maintains the unique spirit of Noah's voice and stories intact.

In "Growing Up Sideways" you get to see Noah's vulnerability and openness about his mental health, while "Northern Attitude" explores his strong sense of self and the growth he's experienced in the last few years. His viral TikTok song and the title track "Stick Season" brings Noah home. My personal favorite, "Everywhere, Everything" is a nostalgic rendition to a classic love song and an ode to the uncertainty of being young.

Without a doubt, he has created his most personal work to date, an album that I bet any artist would wish they have crafted, but it's uniquely Noah Kahan.


Listen to Noah Kahan's "Stick Season" on Spotify and all streaming platforms. Make sure to follow MUD on Instagram for the latest releases in music.


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