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Tour Diaries: Noah Kahan

Noah Kahan is undoubtedly opening the eyes for a new, massive audience to the wonders of folk music.

Photos: @lucykjoness

Noah Kahan packed Columbus, Ohio's KEMBA Live! with a sold out crowd in early February. Words simply do not do justice for the Noah Kahan live experience, but we'll do our best to paint a picture. Opening with "False Confidence," Noah had the crowd immediately screaming from the top of their lungs and dancing around in the absolutely packed venue. The setlist was a delightful mix of new and old songs, along with entertaining and downright hilarious quips from the singer sprinkled throughout the set. Noah Kahan sounds incredible live and each song is imbued with a new depth and vibrancy. Noah pulling out the mandolin was everything we could ever wanted, and saving "Stick Season" until the encore? Absolute Power Move. Noah's music has an innate ability to transport the listener away from their current place and into the world he has magnificently crafted with his music. The entire duration of the show felt as if we were in Noah's small Vermont hometown and not in the bleary midwest. Simply put, you must put Noah Kahan on your "Must Hear Perform Live" list that you most certainly have.

Noah Khan hails from the small town of Strafford, Vermont. At 22 years old, Noah released his debut album Busyhead via Republic Records in June of 2019. The album featured notable songs such as "False Confidence," "Hurt Somebody," and "Carlo's Song." As of writing this article, Noah has racked up more than 1 billion streams across his three albums on Spotify alone and has sold out nearly all (except 2) of his two-leg 46-show North American 2023 Tour. Can we just take a moment for those numbers? That is no small feat, and Noah Kahan is doing it with such grace, humility, and appreciation for his fans.

Noah Kahan's third album, Stick Season, has achieved riotous success and critical acclaim when it was released to the world October 14, 2022. Stick Season is the perfect sonic blend of New England folk, rock, and a bit of alternative pop. The album is a redirection from Noah's previous music that leaned further into pop landscape with some fan favorites like, "Young Blood," "Sink," and "Mess." The warm embrace of folk + rock by Noah gives his recent music a new grit, which intertwines perfectly with his masterful lyricism - which has become the hallmark of a Noah Kahan song. From the ripping outro of "Homesick" to the sobering lyrics of "Halloween" and the sheer popularity of titular track "Stick Season;" Stick Season the album marks a rebirth in Noah Kahan's sound and a new glimpse at the sheer talent the artist has in every facet of the word. Stick Season was one of the brightest albums released in this past year, it is truly a masterclass in storytelling and production. Noah Kahan is undoubtedly opening the eyes for a new, massive audience to the wonders of folk music.

Noah Kahan graced MUD's September 2021 cover where he talked all things growth, home, and his second studio album I Was / I Am. You can read more from Noah here: Reintroducing Noah Khan, Vermont's Pride and Joy.

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Relive Noah Kahan's show with photos below by Lucy Jones.


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